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MIAA boys’ volleyball semifinals and finals destined for high school gymnasiums

The Needham boys' volleyball team won the 2021 state title on its home court last JuneCraig F. Walker/Globe Staff

In a virtual meeting Wednesday, the MIAA Volleyball Committee determined that the Division 1 and 2 boys’ state semifinals and finals would be played at high school gymnasiums this spring, with the semis scheduled for June 13-14, and the championship games June 15-16.

Under the new statewide format, there is potential to use colleges or other large venues as predetermined sites for the final rounds of the tournament. For now, the committee decided to use high schools that make sense on a regional basis for the finalists.

State tournament director Terry Reilly said there would be an emphasis on avoiding gyms that use rubber floors instead of the preferred wooden surfaces. Riley said the cutoff date is May 26 and preliminary round games would begin on June 2.


▪ The committee discussed potential rule changes regarding nonvarsity and varsity doubleheaders. In other sports, such as basketball, players can participate in up to six quarters of action between JV and varsity games if their program is engaged in a doubleheader. While the discussion is tabled until the committee meets in the fall, there was strong support in favor of allowing such “swing players” to participate in up to five sets between JV and varsity volleyball matches.

▪ Following comments from executive director Bob Baldwin at Tuesday’s board of directors meeting on renewed focus on unruly fan behavior, the committee discussed restrictions on crowd noise during serves. No vote was taken, but the general consensus was to shorten the leash for taunting and ask for only positive encouragement from the stands.

▪ There was no discussion regarding rules 83.5.1 and 83.5.2 in the MIAA Handbook, which state that a boy playing on a girls’ volleyball team in the fall (only if the school does not field a boys’ program) can not play the ball in front of the 10-foot line, nor participate in an attempted block.


▪ Wednesday was the final meeting for committee chair and 16-year member Brian McCann, who is retiring as principal at Case.