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Warmth and humidity here to stay throughout weekend

Sunshine and warm temperatures will make the Esplanade in Boston a nice place to be this weekend.Lane Turner/Globe Staff

After a cool start to May the summer spigot has opened up early and warmth and humidity are here for the weekend.

By the time we get to the middle of summer most of us are at least acclimated somewhat to temperatures in the 80s and dew points in the 60s. But this early in the season you might be feeling like it’s a bit much, while others among you might think this is just perfect, shouting “bring it on.”

Warm weather had spread into New England Friday afternoon.NOAA

From a meteorological standpoint the heat has been building across the center of the country the entire week.

There have been numerous records set from the Great Lakes to Texas, we have been spared the heat as that pesky storm system that was off the coastline kept the warmth from reaching Eastern Massachusetts. This in spite of temperatures in places like Burlington, Vt., getting up close to 90 degrees yesterday. With a more southerly flow higher temperatures are allowed to surge toward the coastline.

Early warmth has been happening for decades, but we are seeing the warm weather arrive earlier and stick around longer. This means summer temperatures can be expected just about anytime from this point onward.


The overall trend is for warmer temperatures in May across the northeast.NOAA

The next 3 days feature temperatures at or above 80 degrees inland and in the 60s at the coast. Saturday is the warmest with afternoon temps well into the 80s even near Boston.

At night you can expect mild conditions with a touch of the muggies. Air conditioning might even be needed for the most heat sensitive.

Thinking about the beach? Remember water temperatures are barely into the 50s and while it might feel like swimming weather, I would not recommend diving right in.

Saturday will be very warm with temperatures well into the 80s even across northern New England.WeatherBell

The warm weather will allow you to dive into the garden and it’s safe to plant tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. We can still see cool damp weather and although it’s not on the horizon I would hold off putting in basil just yet, as even a little cool weather creates problems with that plant


Temperatures on Sunday will be warmest west and northwest of Boston. This area between Route 495 and Route 128 and north of the Mass Pike tends to routinely provide some of the warmest temperatures in the area. The warmth will extend into Northern New England with areas away from the coast also into the 80s this weekend.

It’s worth noting that the past 24 days have been some of the driest for this time of the year in a couple of decades and are in the top 10 for driest since records started back in the late 1800s.

For many of you this doesn’t mean a lot except it hasn’t rained and you’re able to get outside without worrying about so-called bad weather. However the lack of rain has slowed down lawns from growing and means that if you are gardening in this summer pattern you’ll need to help out Mother Nature with the hose.

Sunday will continue warm, but a bit less so than the previous day.WeatherBell