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Selena Gomez exuded confidence on SNL... and oh she’s looking for love

Selena Gomez.Presley Ann/Getty Images for #SeeHer

Former child star Selena Gomez owned the stage Saturday night.

In her opening monologue, she wore a black cocktail dress with silver embroidery on the arms and told the audience, “this is a big moment for me.”

“I actually started acting when I was seven,” she added.

Gomez has certainly grown up. The actress and musician now has a makeup line called “Rare Beauty,” stars in the new hit show called “Only Murders in the Building,” and is now a co-founder of “Wondermind,” a platform that focuses on mental health.

In “Only Murders in the Building” she acted alongside former SNL heavyweights and shouted them out on stage.


“I’ve been lucky enough to work with some Hollywood icons, [like] Steve Martin, Martin Short,” she said.

She then recalled a moment when she informed a friend that she was cast in the show, and they asked, “Mm, that sounds sexy. Any hot co-stars?’”

“‘Depends. Do you love the banjo?’” Gomez said to them, referencing Martin’s musical skills.

This image released by Hulu shows Selena Gomez, from left, Steve Martin and Martin Short in a scene from "Only Murders in the Building." Craig Blankenhorn/Associated Press

Before Gomez left the stage, she made it clear that she was happy to host and thought this would be an excellent opportunity to find love. She then went ahead and named guests and cast members now in a relationship.

“Since I don’t want to get on the dating apps, I’m putting out into the universe that I’m manifesting love. And I would like to say that I’m looking for my soulmate, but at this point, I will take anyone.”

Suddenly, some of the SNL comedians hopped on stage and joked, saying they would be her partner.

Before closing out her monologue, she belted out “I Love You,” a sing-along from “Barney and Friends.”

Actors Martin Short, left, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez, in Beverly Hills, Calif., July 6, 2021. JAKE MICHAELS/NYT

Gomez shined through each skit. One moment, she was acting as a TV host in a skit called “A Peek at Pico.” In another, Gomez played a girlfriend and sent her boyfriend off to the city to run errands. But of course, when it was time to walk into Sephora to grab some make-up items, everything took a turn.


But what made the night more memorable was a pre-recorded cameo of Steve Martin incorporated into one of the skits. The skit was a spoof of a PBS series called “Inventor Documentary,” where he explained the logic behind the Whoopie Cushion.

Singer Post Malone was also the musical guest and had a surprise guest alongside him, Roddy Ricch.

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