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Charts: COVID-19 has killed 1 million people in the US. See how the virus has affected each state.

One million people in the United States have died from COVID-19 since the novel virus spread across the world in 2020, according to Johns Hopkins University.

For the past two-plus years, Americans people have been living on the balls of their feet, ready to grab a mask at a moment’s notice, register for a vaccine dose, or stand in line for testing. And they were the lucky ones. The relentless daily death counts underscore the suffering borne by loved ones of the one million who died, many of whom were denied the chance to say goodbye.

One million deaths in just over two years is hard to comprehend, but it’s as if nearly the entire population of Rhode Island was wiped out in just two years from one horrible disease.


And, as the recent numbers show, it’s not over yet. Explore the charts below to see the deadly toll COVID-19 has taken on the country since the virus first emerged.

Nationwide data

Massachusetts data

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