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Quite the experience: Derrick White recounts birth of his son, the Celtics’ newest Hendrix

Derrick White and his wife, Hannah, expected to induce labor between games of the Eastern Conference finals with Miami, but young Hendrix James White had other plans.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Celtics guard Derrick White and his wife, Hannah, knew things could get a bit complicated when the couple’s first child, Hendrix James White, was due during the NBA playoffs. They intended to induce labor between games of these conference finals, but their son had other plans.

On Thursday morning, prior to Game 2 in Miami, White received word that his wife was probably going into labor.

“Once I found out she was in labor, I just tried to get that first flight out. I missed one, which would have got me there earlier, but finally got on one and was just texting with her mom the whole time while she eventually gave birth to our son,” White said. “And it was just a special feeling. I wasn’t there, but even just getting pictures and videos and all that on the plane, it was just special and he’s already changed our life, so it’s been crazy. And then just sitting with him, watching the game, cheering us on from home, so it was cool. And just one of those moments that I’ll have forever.”

White said he missed the birth by a couple of hours. He said his wife wanted to try to wait for him, but he didn’t want that.


“Really just them both being healthy and safe was all that mattered to me,” he said.

Hendrix certainly has an unusual first name, but it’s somewhat common within the Celtics family. Robert Williams named his newborn son Hendrix Rome Williams in January.

“We picked it before I got traded [to Boston in February],” White said. “And then I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s kind of unique, we don’t know anybody with that name.’ There’s a lot of other reasons. And then I get traded here and like the first couple weeks someone’s like, ‘Oh, that’s what Rob named his kid.’ I was like, we really named it because it was kind of unique. So we’ll just be Hendrix 2.0 and we’ll go from there.”


White said he and his wife recently purchased a painting of the rock star Jimi Hendrix, and it’s now hanging outside their son’s room.

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