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How can we keep living with this deadly gun culture?

Kladys Castellón prays during a vigil for the victims of a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24.Billy Calzada/Associated Press

Every workplace should conduct active-shooter drills

The nation is racked with sorrow after the grotesque murder of children in their school (“At least 19 children killed by teenage gunman in Texas,” Page A1, May 25). The saddest part of it all is that no one is surprised. Many people without children in their lives will not think about this again after it has faded from the news.

There is one group of people who will not forget and already had this kind of scenario on their minds: students and school employees. Each year, along with fire drills, teachers facilitate practice sessions in how not to be killed at school. Adults in school buildings learn to assess the threat level of their space and give real thought to whether they are ready to die for their students and leave their own children motherless or fatherless at home.


I think we might actually feel moved to act against our country’s gun fetish if everyone had to think about dying at work on a regular basis. Perhaps every workplace needs to have active shooter drills. Every adult in this country should need to decide how they stay alive if they can’t get out of their cubicle. They should stash an emergency kit with wound care supplies in the office kitchen and practice how to barricade their doors.

We should all be preparing ourselves for the day when a random stranger tries to kill you where you should be safe, because our kids do it every year.

Rebecca Figueroa Winter

Exeter, N.H.

The writer is a teacher and the mother of three small children.

The usual, sadly

An 18-year-old reportedly buys two AR-15 rifles. Then, according to officials, he bursts into an elementary school and slaughters at least 19 children and 2 adults. Prayers are offered. Grief counselors are called in. Americans wring their hands. Congress does nothing. Another day in the United States of America.


Barry Brodsky


We need meaningful gun reform from Congress now

I don’t want to hear about background checks, gun show laws, and mental health reform — all the obvious things that sane public policy should have dictated decades ago. These are the chips that politicians beholden to the National Rifle Association keep in their breast pockets to trade when the slaughter becomes so horrific that even they must pretend to do something meaningful.

We need aggressive and effective gun reform, and we need it now, including a ban on assault weapons. There must be three or four Republican senators with some level of conscience, and who believe that we should not be the only nation in the world that regularly allows the slaughter of children in their schools, who will reach across the aisle to allow action on real gun reform. We need only a few. We beg of you. Please, please stop the killing of our children. If you can’t find a conscience for this now, when could you?

Larry Lobert

Grosse Pointe Park, Mich.

Can’t we take a lesson from Britain here?

On Aug. 12, 2021, Britain experienced its first mass shooting in a decade, according to Newsweek. That compared with more than 3,000 in the United States in the same period. As of April 22 of this year, the Guardian reported, London had no shooting deaths in the prior six months. We all know how that compares with every major city in America.


Yet US lawmakers continue to argue that banning assault weapons and requiring background checks violates our constitutional rights. We must use our vote more wisely.

Mark Allard


The NRA to meet this week. Guns forbidden.

This week the National Rifle Association holds its annual conference in Houston. Firearms are strictly prohibited. I guess Texas Governor Greg Abbott, former president Donald Trump, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz (all confirmed speakers for the event) are more worthy of protection than the nation’s schoolchildren.

Brian Pomodoro


Texas governor has skewed notion of the sanctity of life

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has enacted one lenient gun law after another since he’s been in office, including a law allowing residents to carry a handgun without a permit.

Why does he seek to diligently protect fetuses but not schoolchildren?

Alan Cole


A question for the misinformer

Another hoax, Alex Jones?

Carole Friedlander Lechan


Who will protect us from this carnage?

Given that the Second Amendment is apparently sacrosanct, I propose that these “well regulated militias” be dispatched to schools, churches, shopping centers, and other places to discourage gun violence. After all, isn’t protection a cornerstone of gun rights proponents’ position?

Peter Bartlett