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In Mass. politics, it’s a war of words, and a game of how low can you go

Republican gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl (right) with campaign adviser Corey Lewandowski during the the 2022 Republican State Convention in Springfield on May 21.Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

In the article “Trump’s governor pick tops GOP field” (Metro, May 22), candidate Geoff Diehl (making reference to comments made by Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin) says, “We are not some infection found in the wastewater.” No, you’re not. Your party would have to come up about six or seven levels to merit that accolade. All you need to know about the modern Massachusetts Republican Party is that Corey Lewandowski, who was fired from the 2016 Trump campaign for any number of alleged indiscretions, is involved.

Sure, we need two viable parties in Massachusetts. But we don’t need this festering wound of a GOP. I look forward to Democratic gubernatorial front-runner Maura Healey providing the Republicans with a soul-crushing shellacking come election time.


Jim Stewart