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Proposed curriculum bill isn’t sexualizing kids — Mass. GOP is

Rayla Campbell, a candidate for secretary of state, addresses the crowd during the the 2022 Republican State Convention in Springfield on May 21. She drew gasps from the crowd for comments she made about a pending bill to update the state's sex education curriculum.Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

On May 21, the Massachusetts Republican Party endorsed a statewide candidate after she resorted to vile tactics and perpetuated a falsehood about my bill, An Act Relative to Healthy Youth (“Convention comments called out by GOP candidate,” Metro, May 24).

Let us call it what it is: The Mass GOP is resorting to homophobic fearmongering. I am shocked that Rayla Campbell, the party’s candidate for secretary of state, thought it was appropriate to resort to these tactics. I am shocked that Massachusetts Republicans want to put her in statewide office.

It is ironic, though, that the party that consistently and falsely claims that my bill oversexualizes children is, in fact, doing it themselves.


Healthy Youth is not a mandate or a “how to.” It is a comprehensive and inclusive approach to sex education. It is an opt-out curriculum that provides students the tools and resources they need to make safe, informed decisions.

At its core, the Healthy Youth Act is about consent, acceptance, and self-awareness. We should want this for our young people.

Maybe Campbell and the Mass GOP haven’t actually read the bill. They should.

Representative Jim O’Day

Democrat of West Boylston

The writer is one of four division chairs as part of House Speaker Ronald Mariano’s leadership team.