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Squirmy Prince Louis taunts mom Kate Middleton at Jubilee Pageant — and parents everywhere can relate

Prince Louis leans on Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant held outside Buckingham Palace, in London.Chris Jackson/Associated Press

Parents everywhere felt for Kate Middleton on Sunday.

The Duchess of Cambridge was on the receiving end of some grade-A snotty toddler behavior from her 4-year-old son, Prince Louis, while watching Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant in London.

A video shows the Duchess, 40, leaning over to whisper a word to her youngest, who was palpably frustrated at Sunday’s pageant. Then, as his mother continued speaking, Prince Louis cupped his hand and held it over over her mouth, prompting Middleton to politely pull it away.

The 4-year-old continued to make faces as Middleton spoke to him, sticking out his tongue, and putting his thumb to his nose while wiggling his fingers — as viewers around the planet looked on.


(For her part, Kate had a hint of a smile on her face after the preschooler’s hissy fit.)

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, (left) and her son Britain's Prince Louis of Cambridge attended the Platinum Jubilee Pageant outside Buckingham Palace in London on Sunday.Frank Augstein/Pool

Video of Louis’s pageant antics quickly went viral. Some criticized the child’s behavior: “Kate cannot control her children!” Others empathized: “That’s what kids do.”

“Thanking [Prince William] and [Kate Middleton] for showing the world how kids under-10 and under-5 actually behave, not the cute, well curated, and extremely micromanaged pictures of kids/families on social media. I can relate and it’s impressive they allow their kids to be kids,” one person tweeted.

“Almost every kid throws a fit when they’re tired, and kids all over the world put their hands on their parents’ mouth,” another tweeted in defense of Middleton.

An opinion piece published in the Sydney Herald stood with Middleton: “You know who doesn’t judge others for their parenting? Those of us who know how hard it is ... And pageants are boring as hell.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, (left) and her son Britain's Prince Louis of Cambridge reacted during the Platinum Pageant in London.CHRIS JACKSON/pool

On Monday morning, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared to shrug off the viral commentary, thanking guests via Twitter for showing “their gratitude to The Queen and her inspiring 70 years of leadership.”


“We all had an incredible time,” William and Kate continued, “especially Louis .... “

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