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Globe Rhode Island wins 27 Rhode Island Press Association awards

The award-winning work included investigative, business, food, education, health care, news, and feature stories, as well as opinion writing and ongoing coverage of homelessness and inappropriate conduct by North Kingstown coaches

PROVIDENCE — The Boston Globe Rhode Island team has been honored with 27 awards from the Rhode Island Press Association, recognizing outstanding work in 2021 by journalists throughout the Ocean State.

Alexa Gagosz, Amanda Milkovits, Brian Amaral, Carlos Munoz, Dan McGowan, and Ed Fitzpatrick each received multiple honors at the awards ceremony, which was held at the Quonset “O” Club in North Kingstown, R.I., on June 3. The team swept 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the Investigative/Analytical News and Science/Health Care categories, and earned awards for business, arts/entertainment, education, features, profiles, food/dining, headline writing, unique stories, opinion writing, and hard news coverage, as well ongoing reporting on former North Kingstown High School coach Aaron Thomas’ “fat test” of students and the homelessness crisis in Rhode Island.


Globe Rhode Island launched in mid-2019, and several members of the team joined in 2021, which makes this recognition for work published in 2021 especially meaningful. We’re grateful to each and every one of our subscribers for making it possible for us to do the work we’re doing in Rhode Island. (Not a subscriber yet? Please consider a trial run: just $1 gives you 26 weeks of access, not just to Globe Rhode Island, but to all of the great journalism the Boston Globe has to offer, from sports to Spotlight.)

You can check out all of the award-winning Globe Rhode Island articles via the links below. Thank you for reading.

Business Story

2nd place: Alexa Gagosz, Three generations later, a Family’s Jewelry Factory Thrives in Rhode Island

3rd place: Amanda Milkovits, Creating change for generations: Papitto Opportunity Connection invests in R.I.’s communities of color

Arts/Entertainment Story

1st place: Alexa Gagosz, Actress Rose Weaver reflects on five decades of the arts in Rhode Island


Education Story

1st place: Dan McGowan, How Rhode Island’s takeover of Providence Schools unraveled

2nd place: Edward Fitzpatrick, Why are test scores for indigenous students in Rhode Island so low?

Feature Story/In-Depth

2nd place: Amanda Milkovits, Just in time for Christmas, a special homecoming

Honorable Mention: Carlos Munoz, Rhode Island: The Transylvania of America?

Feature Story/Short

Honorable Mention: Alexa Gagosz, ‘When you uplift Black women... you uplift most of society:’ New large-scale mural in Providence celebrates Afrofuturism

Food/Dining Story

3rd place: Edward Fitzpatrick, Amid pandemic social distancing rules, how did Tiny Bar survive?

Headline Writing

3rd place: Lylah Alphonse, The Boston Globe Rhode Island (various stories)

Investigative/Analytical News Story

1st place: Alexa Gagosz, Sexual misconduct claims at Artists’ Exchange triggers backlash

2nd place: Amanda Milkovits, A Pawtucket detective was diagnosed with PTSD. The city is fighting him on it

3rd place: Brian Amaral, Ex-East Providence city clerk, now running for City Council, has patterns of discrepancies in her education and work history

News/Features Columnist

3rd place: Dan McGowan, The Boston Globe Rhode Island (various columns)

News Story/In-Depth

1st place: Brian Amaral, Marathon work shifts – and massive overtime payments – soar at R.I. state prison

3rd place: Amanda Milkovits and Alexa Gagosz, With thousands of complaints, every neighborhood in Providence has an ATV problem

News Story/Short

2nd place: Alexa Gagosz, A former Providence public school principal was caught working in a Washington, D.C. school at the same time


Profile/Personality Story

2nd place: Brian Amaral, For 100 years, from a Providence Mill to Europe’s battlefields, Rocco Marcaccio has never stayed still

3rd place: Carlos Munoz and Alexa Gagosz, The end of an Era in Coventry, R.I.

Science/Health-Care Story

1st place: Brian Amaral, Inside a Rhode Island Hospital in Crisis

2nd place: Alexa Gagosz, At risk and overlooked: Homebound seniors left out of COVID-19 vaccine rollout

3rd place: Edward Fitzpatrick, No haven at home: Amid the pandemic, childhood lead poisoning rates are rising in R.I.

Single-Topic Series

1st place: Amanda Milkovits, Shy or Not Shy? At North Kingstown High School, a well-known basketball coach and a terrible ‘open secret’

Honorable Mention: Alexa Gagosz, Housing and Homelessness in Rhode Island

Spot News Story

3rd place: Edward Fitzpatrick, Crook Point Bascule Bridge catches fire

2nd place: Alexa Gagosz, Hundreds of Brown University students protest against sexual violence

Unique/Most Unexpected Story

2nd place: Brian Amaral, Toilet-rating Instagram account proves these bathrooms don’t stink

Lylah Alphonse can be reached at Follow her @WriteEditRepeat.