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Saturday looks like the pick of the weekend

A couple enjoyed warm weather on the path around Jamaica Pond.Lane Turner/Globe Staff

When the sun sinks below the horizon this evening, it will have been 15 hours 13 minutes and 18 seconds between the time it reached the horizon this morning and the beginning of twilight this evening. We will only gain about three minutes of daylight before the solstice June 21, negligible for most of us.

These long gaps between sunrise and sunset allow lots of added time to be outside and the weather should cooperate for much of it.

The most amount of light during the entire year occurs in June.TimeAndDate.Com

We’ve been very fortunate so far this month in that we haven’t had a lot of extreme heat. This allows folks to enjoy outdoor activities such as weddings and graduations, sports, and other such things without having to worry about excessive warmth. This pattern is likely to continue for a week or more.


The most extreme heat is forecast to remain west of New England into mid-June.NOAA

After the beautiful Friday, high pressure will keep any precipitation away for the start of the weekend. On Saturday, I’m expecting a blend of clouds and sunshine as temperatures reach the upper 70s to near 80. Expect comfortable levels of humidity to accompany the nice day.

The earliest sunrise in Boston is at 5:06 a.m. as the top of the disc of the sun touches the horizon. If you factor in twilight — which is the 30 minutes before sunrise — available light begins just after 4:30. You’ve probably noticed the birds continuing to take advantage of this as they start singing around 4 a.m.

Saturday’s highs will be around 80 for most areas, but cooler on Cape Cod.NOAA

On Sunday, another weather system approaches and if it is somewhat sunny to start the day, by the end it will be cloudy and a few showers are likely going to be overspreading the region. I’m not expecting a lot of rain Sunday night or Monday but enough so that it will be damp, and these relatively frequent bits of rain help keep everything green and any drought areas from getting worse.


Rain will overspread the regions late Sunday afternoon and continue overnight. Expect up to three-quarters of an inch in some areas.COD Weather

A return to dry and seasonably warm weather is in the offing for Tuesday and Wednesday. This is also the earliest sunrises of the year.