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Curio Spice Co. has a new blend to mark Pride Month

Everything Rainbow spice blend from Curio Spice Co. in Cambridge in honor of Pride Month.

June is Pride Month and to join the celebration, Curio Spice Co. in Cambridge has introduced a new spice blend called Everything Rainbow, with all the proceeds this month benefiting the National Center for Transgender Equality. The seasoning, colorful and crunchy, is a take on an everything bagel mix. Instead of the traditional garlic, onion, poppy and sesame seeds, the blend includes sumac, turmeric, maras chile flakes, blue cornflower, sea salt, and sesame, fennel, and black nigella seeds. Earthy, subtly tart and sweet with a slight kick, the oval-shaped nigella seeds lend a particular aromatic flavor and crunch. Sprinkle it over eggs, salads, a baked potato, hummus, crostini, onto the cream cheese that tops your bagel, or on everything ($11.25 for 2 ounces). 2265 Mass. Ave. Cambridge, 617-945-1888, or order at


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