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Is it time for Boston to accept we’re not ‘classy?’ Heck no!

Yeah, Celtics fans chanted the ‘f’ word at a rival, and a duck boat tour guide cheerfully heckled the Warriors head coach on the street, but that’s just Boston being Boston.

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Jeez! Boston gets a little passionate about the Celtics, and suddenly the snowflakes are all over us. Apparently we’re not “classy.”

Sure, fans were a tad impolite to Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Greenin the heat of last week’s Game 3. And true, we chanted “Draymond sucks!” and something else that rhymed with that, but he’s got a potty mouth, too!

And yes, a Fenway sports bar used a sandwich board to taunt both the wife and a daughter of the Warriors star Steph Curry, and the girl’s only 9 years old, but what are the chances she saw it?


And sorry but maybe it is actually true — as the sandwich board asserted — that Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry “can’t cook.” Who cares that she’s a known cookbook author and TV cooking personality???

And the thing with the duck boat tour guide? Bring it on! Microphone in hand, stuck in Back Bay traffic, what was he supposed to do when he spotted Warriors head coach Steve Kerr? Blow him a kiss?

Let’s let Mike O’Brien the guide, and a huge sports fan, take it from here. “I immediately . . . started going on about, ‘You know what we do in these duck boats, Steve Kerr,’” he recalled, proudly, for NBC10.

And, OK, so maybe a couple of people are parading around in bright green T-shirts that read, “Draymond Sucks,” and there was a time when “sucks” was not considered a nice word, and maybe that time is still now, but welcome to the real world.

And we’ll acknowledge the sports director from a Bay Area TV station, Jason Dumas, did mention something on Twitter about hearing from “multiple Warriors staffers” that “their experience here in Boston has been crazy. One told me ‘I had to take off my Dubs shirt Wed morning because I kept getting cursed out.’” Another: “I’ve been flipped off 17 times.”


And perhaps a few fans did not greet a bus carrying Warriors family members in genteel fashion, per the assertion in a tweet by Sydel Curry-Lee, Steph Curry’s sister and wife of Warriors guard Damion Lee. But rude gestures are simply how we say “hi” around here.

Alas, according to her tweet, that is not how she interpreted the greeting. “I’m curious if the people flipping off the family bus thinks it’s the players their flipping the bird to,” she wrote, “or knows its just family [thinking face emoji] lol.”

So, maybe we’re not behaving like we’re in an f’n library. But hey, no less an arbiter of good taste than Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, saw no problem with the fun we were having when the Warriors came to the Garden last Wednesday.

“I want fans to enjoy themselves,” he told WCVB-TV after Game 3. “I mean, of course, as the league office, you want to see it done with respect for all the participants. But I get it. I love the energy that the Boston fans bring to the game.”

But listen to who doesn’t get it. Warriors guard Klay Thompson. Here he is in a press conference: “We’ve played in front of rude people before. Dropping “f” bombs with children in the crowd. Real classy. Good job, Boston.”


And it was the same story from coach Kerr: “Classy, very classy,” he snarled underneath his mask at a postgame press conference.

I’m sorry, but how have people not noticed how seriously we take conduct? I have recently learned that the Garden puts an NBA “Conduct Advisory” on every seat in court side proximity. “We encourage you to enjoy the game and to cheer for our players and teams in a respectful way,” it reads in part.

What if chanting the “f” word IS how we “enjoy” the game?

Never mind that maybe it’s not the people in the $2 million courtside seats that are causing the problems, the Garden also runs prodecorum messages and a fan text hot line multiple times per game on the Jumbotron.

But with the Warriors leading the best-of-seven series three games to two, of course we’ll be respectful during Thursday’s Game 6, the outcome of which only determines our entire lives.

If we win, there’s a Game 7. If we seem to be losing, we’ll stay classy alright, Boston-style.

Beth Teitell can be reached at Follow her @bethteitell.