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Car slams into wandering moose in Oakham

A car struck a moose in Oakham Wednesday night on Route 122, officials said.Oakham Fire Department

A car struck and killed a large female moose in Oakham on Wednesday night after it wandered out into the road, seriously injuring the driver and causing minor injuries to the passenger, fire officials said.

The crash took place at around 10:30 p.m. on Route 122 southbound in the middle of Oakham in the area where the rail trail crosses the road, said Oakham Fire Chief Timothy Howe in a phone interview Thursday.

“When you hit a moose, you hit the legs, and then the body of the moose comes down on the passenger compartment right through the windshield,” said Howe.


Oakham fire and police responded along with Rutland police, who dealt with traffic, Howe said.

Howe said there were two people, a driver and a passenger, inside the vehicle, which was a four-door small, red sedan that he believes was a Chevy.

Oakham Fire Chief Timothy Howe said the vehicle was "heavily damaged." Oakham Fire Department

Howe said the moose unexpectedly walked out into the road. With no time to react, the vehicle struck the moose, Howe said.

He said there were moose crossing signs on that part of highway.

The driver suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries, and the passenger had minor non-life-threatening injuries, Howe said. Both were taken to the hospital by Rutland EMS, he said.

The vehicle was heavily damaged, Howe said. The red vehicle’s front hood was dented and the windshield was smashed, according to the photo.

He said these types of incident are not common, but are “definitely not unheard of.” The moose died after being struck, Howe said.

Oakham police is investigating the crash, Howe said.

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