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A little rain, then mild weather this weekend

Nicole Carlsburg, left, and Sophie Gamwell soak up the sun while rocking in hammocks by Morses Pond in Wellesley.Erin Clark/Globe Staff

Several folks have asked me about the rain for Friday afternoon, and the reality is that if you do see a shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon or evening it would be very quick. There’s a small chance that some of these storms could produce gusty winds and even some hail but for the most part, I think the majority of us will actually miss the rainfall.

Although we did see some rain over the past couple of weeks, we are still significantly below average and could really use a good soaking. Unfortunately by the time, we get to this point in the year, most of our rain comes from scattered showers and storms and not general rainfall.


Late Friday morning some showers had developed over western New England.COD Weather

These showers would likely come between about 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., moving from west to east. A lot of you have radar apps on your phones, and once you see the line of showers go by the threat will be over.

It’s a big weekend for many with Father’s Day and Juneteenth. It’s also the first weekend that many school kids will be off for the summer. It’s super interesting to me how cool it’s going to be over the weekend, but don’t let these temperatures discourage you from being outside and taking advantage of the weather. Although we may never break 70 degrees this weekend, the sun is so strong it will feel quite comfortable.

Highs will commonly be in the 60s Saturday for much of the region.NOAA

If you had any outdoor, strenuous activities these kind of temperatures are actually a bit of a bonus. It will not, however, be good beach weather, as you’d be feeling quite chilly when you come out of the water. If you are camping in the mountains, brings warmer fall weather gear for the nights, which will be chilly.

The reason it’s going to be unseasonably cool is there will be an upper-level low-pressure area traversing through New England. The system has a pool of cool air associated with it. The coolness at the upper levels of the atmosphere will also help to kick off the chance for a few showers during the middle part of the day Sunday.


Juneteenth will be about as cool as it can be during third week of June.NOAA

The highest risk is from roughly 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. These showers will be light, but this would mean outdoor activities can be interrupted and things could be wet for a while underfoot. This would occur as the core of the system rotates across the area. To give you an idea of just how chilly it’s going to be, the models actually have a bit of snow in the higher elevations Saturday evening and early Sunday. That is pretty atypical for even that height this time of year.

Models predict a touch of snow in the highest elevations of New Hampshire and western Maine Saturday night and early Sunday.WeatherBELL

The weather does warm up next week, but it will remain quite dry. You can expect readings back into the 70s by Monday and then more comfortable weather for several more days.