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Well, it’s been a good run, Celtics

A hopeful Boston Celtics fan watched as the Golden State Warriors pulled ahead during fourth-quarter action in Game 6 of the NBA Finals at TD Garden Thursday.Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

These are growing pains, but this fan is optimistic

Boston Celtics fans were given a surprise as Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart were growing together as teammates, but finally, reality set in: They need more time to grow and a couple more pieces off the bench to complement their work (”Celtics bow out in Game 6,” Sports, June 17). Still, it was a great ride while it lasted, and I’m optimistic that they will bring their game up to championship caliber

Saul P. Heller


Team admirably saved a season that looked cooked

Re “In the end, it could have been more” by Dan Shaughnessy (Page A1, June 17): The longtime Globe sportswriter must surely be one of the most negative commentators in all of sports. It’s true the Celtics lost a series they had a superb chance to win. It’s true they made far too many mistakes. But they admirably saved a season that looked early on as though it was ready for the trash heap, and finished with a good look at the trophy. Hardly a season to scorn.


Nick Browning

Pomfret, Vt.

Green with pride, not profanity

Re “Aww, you think we’re head of the classless? Wait’ll Game 6″ by Beth Teitell (Page A1, June 16):

I am a Bostonian.

I bleed Celtic green.

But I don’t use the f-word in public.

Rita C. DeBellis


Steph Curry: BA to go with his MVP

Stephen Curry ends the NBA basketball season with lots of letters of distinction. On the court, with his Golden State Warriors teammates, he earned MVP honors along with a fourth championship ring, and in the library he earned a BA from Davidson College this spring. These are marks of Curry’s greatness.

Mary D. Ghidella

El Cerrito, Calif.