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Yogurt bites you can put on crackers, in salad, or straight into your mouth

Pariva yogurt balls.Handout

Pariva — pronounced Pa-Ri-Va — is a Hindi word that means family and is the new name for a product formerly called YogiBalls: little orbs of tangy yogurt resembling tiny mozzarella balls immersed in a blend of healthy oils, rosemary, and spices. The bites are creamy and spreadable on crackers or toast, or toss them into a salad. They’re delicious to eat solo straight from the jar. You can later use the leftover oil for a dressing, marinade, or drizzling over meats and fish. Not only is the name new, but the Boston-based business, founded by Manjarrie Saha, has also introduced two new flavors: Tandoori, with saffron, paprika, cumin, and cardamom; and Za’atar, which includes sumac, thyme, mint, and Aleppo pepper. The spheres bathe in the oils and spices, absorbing the flavors in the jar. As far as Saha knows, she’s the only one who produces little rounds from yogurt, using a unique machine that facilitates the shape while working from CommonWealth Kitchen in Dorchester. Her overarching intention, she says, is to bring healthy food into the marketplace. “Parivartan in Hindi means transformation. The brand’s name is an extract of that word and aligns with my central mission,” says Saha. (An 8-ounce jar, about 16 bites, is $10 to $13.) Available at Fruit Center Marketplace, 10 Bassett St., Milton, 617-696-5271, and 79 Water St., Hingham, 781-749-7332; and Whole Foods Market locations, or order at



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