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How has Title IX impacted your life? Where do we go from here? Give us your thoughts.

The Chicago Sky won the WNBA Finals last season, when the league celebrated its 25th anniversary.Paul Beaty/Associated Press

The 50th anniversary of the enactment of Title IX is Thursday. The legislation had ripple effects throughout education when it declared discrimination on the basis of sex by federally funded institutions was unconstitutional. But it could be argued that Title IX’s greatest impact was what it did for women’s sports.

Title IX ushered in an era of more scholarships for female athletes, more resources and funding at the high school and college level, and eventually paved the way for professional women’s sports leagues.

But the journey is not over. Despite being codified into law, the battle for equity in athletics is ongoing.


The Globe wants to hear from its readers: How has Title IX, in the context of sports, impacted your life the most? Is there a specific memory you have regarding equality in sports?

We also want to know: Where does the fight go from here? What needs to change to further equal treatment for athletes?

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