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Linda Powell on wearing the hotel robe, reading the free paper, and finally exhaling

We caught up with the actress — currently in the Broadway-bound “A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Story,” at the Emerson Colonial Theatre — to talk about all things travel.

Linda Powell on the water in Provincetown.

In the Broadway-bound musical, “A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Story,” at the Emerson Colonial Theatre for a six-week run (through July 31), the “Sweet Caroline” singer-songwriter’s life is examined through a series of therapy sessions. Playing the therapist is actress Linda Powell, who has appeared in three Broadway shows and numerous movies and TV series — including the current Hulu drama “Dopesick.” Powell said that she is excited for audiences to see “A Beautiful Noise” and believes they will be surprised to learn how many songs Diamond wrote — not just for himself but for other artists. “There were a lot of songs that Neil Diamond wrote that I didn’t know he wrote,” she said. “I think audiences will find that — and his life story — really interesting.” While Powell has performed in two shows at the American Repertory Theater, she said she spent most of her time in Cambridge during those runs and is looking forward to exploring Boston while in town. “Boston is a beautiful city and I’m just excited to walk around and see everything,” she said. “I get to walk through the Common every day to go to work.” The Fort Benning, Ga., native’s father (former US Secretary of State and national security adviser Colin Powell) was in the military, so she lived in several states before settling down in New York City, where she lives today. We caught up with Powell to talk about all things travel.

Favorite vacation destination?


I go to Provincetown for at least a month every summer and spend time with extended family and lovely summer neighbors. We all get together and exhale. It’s the best place to go to completely drop all pretenses. My favorite activity there is whale watching — followed closely by people watching.

Favorite food or drink while vacationing?


Oysters and prosecco.

Where would you like to travel to but haven’t?

There is a boutique hotel in Morocco called Jnane Tamsna that I started following on Instagram for reasons that I can’t remember, but now I’m obsessed with it. It’s on my bucket list — that and the Grand Canyon, which I’ve been saying for years. I’ve wanted to go to the Grand Canyon ever since I saw the movie “Grand Canyon.” There’s a great scene at the end where they all pull up and gaze at it and the music swells.

One item you can’t leave home without when traveling?

I always bring along a little carved fish that I got as a wedding favor. He’s meant to bring good luck. My work often has me in a hotel room or an apartment that’s not home. Something about seeing him on a table when I walk in makes me smile.

Aisle or window?

Window. Always window. It’s so amazing to be up in the air — why wouldn’t you want to look at the sky? There’s nothing more gorgeous than clouds.

Favorite childhood travel memory?

Road trips to the grandparents squeezed in the backseat with my brother and sister. We’d sing along to show tunes and fight over the snacks and who was crossing the line into whose space. Eventually, we’d fall asleep. And then I’d love waking up when it was dark and quiet and the radio was turned down really low. I’d pop my head on the back of the front seat and keep my dad company while he drove.


Guilty pleasure when traveling?

I’m a sucker for room service breakfast at a nice hotel. I wear the robe and read the free paper. It’s probably the only time I eat marmalade.

Best travel tip?

Pack a little cortisone cream.