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Man, 20, violently assaulted outside South Station; four assailants jump into waiting SUV

Adam Neufell, 20, was set upon by four young men who exited an SUV near the station shortly after midnight Friday and punched and kicked him to unconsciousness in an attack that witnesses recorded via cell phone. (Instagram)Instagram

Boston police are investigating a vicious attack by four assailants against a 20-year-old man outside South Station early Friday that was captured on cell phone video, authorities said.

Family members identified the victim as Adam Neufell and posted witness footage of the attack, which happened shortly after midnight, on social media. The video shows three young assailants, one of whom is shirtless, punching and kicking Neufell before running to a waiting SUV. Neufell’s girlfriend is shown trying to help him as he lies motionless on the ground.

“I will call the police, don’t worry,” another woman who filmed the attack tells the girlfriend in one clip. The video clearly shows the license plate of the SUV.


On Monday, Andy Neufell, Adam Neufell’s father, said in an interview that the woman who filmed the attack was standing near Adam and his girlfriend when the assailants ran toward him.

“She thought they were coming after her,” Andy Neufell said of the woman, who is pregnant. “So she ran to her Uber and that’s when she started to videotape” the assault.

The attackers had shouted derogatory remarks from their SUV about his son’s long hair, he said. His son flipped his hair backward in response, made remarks about their haircuts, and said they were driving a parent’s vehicle, he said.

At that point, “they just piled out” of the SUV, he said, while his son began backing away to avoid a confrontation.

“They basically attacked him, and after he was unconscious they continued to kick and punch him,” he said.

On Facebook, she wrote that her family posted the video “in hopes of helping to catch” the attackers.

The couple had traveled to Boston earlier in the evening “just for fun” and to get some pastries, she wrote. The assailants “jumped out of their car and literally attacked him. He was knocked unconscious and they punched and kicked him while he was down. Broke his nose, busted his lip, and gave him a concussion.”


He was taken to Tufts Medical Center for treatment of his injuries and released later Friday morning, she said.

“Aside from the injuries I mentioned, he’s doing ok,” she wrote on Facebook, adding that her family has been speaking with detectives and that the assailants “are seen on video laughing as they got back into their car with [Adam’s] hat, like it was a trophy from what they had done. It was stupid and senseless. I’m sick. I’m angry. I’m grateful it wasn’t worse.”

In an interview, Lynn Neufell said that Adam’s girlfriend rolled him over after the attack and started screaming his name since she thought his face was “covered in blood.”

“It’s pretty traumatizing for her as well,” she said. “She did amazing, trying to help.”

Adam Neufell plays drums in the rock band Young Other, which on Sunday posted a photo of him in his hospital bed, smiling for the camera while wearing a neck brace.

“Adam is currently suffering from a broken nose, a busted lip, a concussion that has caused increased sensitivity to lights and loud noises, along with various bruising in and around his body,” the band wrote.

Andy Neufell said his son was in concussion protocol at home, trying to avoid light and relax.

“He’s had concussions in the past, starting with a pretty severe one when he was younger,” he said, adding that the band has to cancel some upcoming shows because his son won’t be medically cleared to travel and play music for a while.


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