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R.I. man accused of illegally stockpiling 200 guns faces new felony gun, drug charges

The state attorney general’s office has also accused Ronald Armand Andruchuk of abusing his wife and sending her harassing text messages. “I’ll beat you to death,” he wrote to her on Dec. 16, 2021.

A text sent to Ronald Armand Andruchuk by his wife, Jennifer, describing the toll his drug abuse and violence was taking on her and his children. Andruchuk had amassed more than 200 firearms in his home in Burrillville, R.I.From Rhode Island Court

PROVIDENCE — It wasn’t just the neighbors who were afraid of Ronald Armand Andruchuk.

The Burrillville man accused of illegally stockpiling more than 200 firearms, making ghost guns, and shooting onto his neighbors’ property had been abusing his wife and terrifying his three sons in their remote home in the woods.

Text messages exchanged between Andruchuk and his wife, Jennifer, obtained from court documents, paint a picture of chaos, violence, and paranoia. Many of them were sent while Andruchuck was actively buying up scores of firearms in late 2021.

“You tried to kill me and said you were going to kill me the whole time. The kids listened and watching as you started attacking me... just whipping objects at my head and body whipping bullets at me spitting in my face and bruising my neck shoulders arms legs stomach my head all the way around my skull,” his wife texted on Dec. 16, 2021. “You always bruise my temples and skull instead of face usually that’s smart that’s why i usually don’t huge marks or bruises on my face. You have me a concussion ... my body is brutally messed up you hit me with the gun and said you were going to shoot me in front of the kids over and over.”

The text messages were among the evidence seized by state and federal authorities, which has now led to multiple state felony gun and drug charges, in addition to Andruchuk’s ongoing federal case. Andruchuk, 38, an unlicensed counselor at the DaVinci Center in Providence and unsuccessful Republican candidate for a House seat in Cranston, has been held without bail at the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Center since his arrest by federal authorities on Feb. 24.


The new state charges brought by the attorney general’s office on Friday prompted Andruchuk to withdraw his request for a bail hearing, which was scheduled for Tuesday before US Magistrate Patricia A. Sullivan.


Rhode Island Superior Court Judge Robert Krause issued a warrant for Andruchuk, with an order to hold him without bail. At the same time, US Probation is now also recommending that Andruchuk remain detained.

“Based upon these recent developments, the Defense sees no good faith basis to proceed with a detention hearing at this time,” Andruchuk’s lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, wrote to US District Court.

Jennifer Andruchuk said Monday, “My family needs privacy to heal.”

Andruchuk is now charged by the state attorney general’s office with two counts of possession of a ghost gun; manufacturing a ghost gun; firing in a compact area; possession of cocaine under 10 grams; possession of amphetamine over 10 grams; possession of methamphetamine under 10 grams; domestic cyber-harassment; and domestic disorderly conduct.

The domestic cyber-harassment charges stem from the text messages, which the attorney general’s office said investigators found during a review of his cellphone records. Investigators determined that many text messages showed “extreme violence,” as well as physical and verbal abuse, by Andruchuk toward his wife, whom he listed in his phone as “YOUR WOMAN YOU LOVE AND YOU RESPECT.”

In many texts, Andruchuk threatened to kill his wife and called her vile names. In her texts to him, she wrote about suffering from his beatings, and described how he kept guns everywhere.

“You act like you have everything so straight and I figured out you are all over the place don’t even have any concern with 200 guns unlocked around your kids you will be totally evil in front of them like it’s nothing and you act like this perfect righteous voice of reason?” she wrote on Nov. 24.


Andruchuk replied, calling her an expletive. “I have them loose so the kids feel comfortable and not like it’s a taboo thing that they should fear you library [expletive],” he wrote.

At one point, she texted him about how his erratic behavior was affecting his children.

“The kids tell me how SAD and SCARED they are when you are having an episode and I said you should tell your dad that and tell him how you feel and they both say NO bc you still just say mommy is a dummy and yell again,” she wrote. “They are TERRIFIED of you.”

“I’ll beat you to death,” he wrote to her on Dec. 16, 2021. And then, just nine second later: “I’ll bury you, bitch.”

About half an hour later, his wife noted his drug use and how it was affecting her.

”Staying out all night every night is making it impossible. I cant even imagine what is going on in your head. I have a LOT of work to do and I am beat up in bed in crazy pain,” she wrote. “You are wasting our time and money and making it impossible to overcome Satan by staying out instead of coming home. I know this because you are taking lots of pills again and up all night long again. It’s like being in a partnership with actual Satan. You are not seeing anything clearly and becoming hyper violent.”


His beatings apparently led her to request a chest x-ray on Feb. 22, which sparked anger from Andruchuk.

“Yeah bring attention to us awhile I have gundr3ds of guns and you tell the indoctrinated fake doctors you are not vaccinated and that you don’t talk to male doctors your Brian dead buffoon,” read Andruchuk’s misspelled text that day.

“I’m so sorry you were so hurt that you became this person,” she replied. “I have to go now goodbye.”

He was arrested two days later.

Some of the firearms found in the basement of Ronald Andruchuk's home in Burrillville, R.I.US District Court of Rhode Island

Andruchuk had initially drawn attention from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives last year, when he suddenly started buying masses of guns.

His wife and her family had told Cranston police in early 2021 that they were concerned about Andruchuk’s deteriorating mental health and explosive temper. He had been arrested for drugs and admitted struggling with addiction. He descended into alt-right conspiracy theories, professed his allegiance to former president Donald Trump, and started his own alt-right YouTube channel, hosting as “Reverend Ron Andruchuk” of the “The Rhode Island Freedom of Information Initiative.”

Despite his history of drug use and his family’s concerns about his mental health, Andruchuk passed background checks by the Cranston police.

Over just a few months, Andruchuk bought at least 169 firearms of all kinds, using proceeds he’d made from cryptocurrency, according to his former attorney. He moved his family from Cranston to Burrillville last winter, and neighbors began complaining about gunfire coming from his home at 1746 Tarkiln Road.


Massachusetts authorities began investigating in December 2021, after Andruchuk allegedly hid two handguns and flashlights containing cocaine, oxycodone, and amphetamines in the ceiling of a men’s bathroom at the Tractor Supply Co. in Millbury, Massachusetts. The Burrillville police rejected his attempt to buy more guns.

The final straw was when he fired shots into his neighbors’ yard and over the heads of Burrillville police officers in late February.

After investigators arrested Andruchuk the next day, ATF agents found an arsenal inside his home, with piles of firearms in the locked basement, and more guns in the kitchen, hallway, bedrooms and closets throughout the home.

He had greeted police while wearing a “battle belt” that held four handguns, knives, and illegal drugs, after ditching a loaded firearm in the backyard, according to court documents.

The police found 25,390 rounds of ammunition in the house, as well as ghost gun kits for AR-15s; one was already operable. The police also found drugs in a locked box, with a bumper sticker: “9-11 was an inside job.”

This article has been updated with additional information from court documents.

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