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Draymond Green argues for equal time — without financial penalty — when it comes to verbally sparring with Boston fans

Draymond Green heard plenty from Boston fans during the recent NBA Finals.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

On “The Daily Show” Monday night, Golden State’s Draymond Green referenced his interactions with Celtics’ fans during the NBA Finals, saying he felt hamstrung in not being able to return fire verbally when he was getting harassed because of the threat of a fine.

“I used to feel like fans should be stopped from saying some of the things that they say,” Green told host Trevor Noah. “Then, commissioner (Adam] Silver comes out and says, ‘Hey, those Boston fans are great’ as they’re saying, ‘[Expletive] you, Draymond.’

“So I’m like … all right. The commissioner is the best commissioner … like I said in my Tweet, he’s probably one of the best CEOs in America, let alone the commissioner of a sports league. But he’s like, ‘Oh, that’s great.’ My response to that is, ‘Oh, that’s great, Cool. Can I turn and yell, ‘[Expletive] them’?


“Because if I can, then no problem, let them yell what they want to yell, I yell what I want to yell and I continue down the court. I think the thing for me is that at some point, you’re kind of allowing them to do this, and encouraging it in a way. Because they know if I yell to Draymond and he says that back to me, he’s getting fined $25,000. He’s getting fined $50,000.

“So what I was saying to the commissioner was ‘No problem. That was fun. Let them do their thing. But let me do my thing and don’t hit my pocketbook.’”

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