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Girding for a fight to protect women’s rights

Abortion rights demonstrators near the Supreme Court in Washington on June 30.ANNA ROSE LAYDEN/NYT

Democrats may find their rallying cry yet

Clearly the Republicans have had enormous electoral success in pushing issues, complete with slogans, that enrage and energize their voters and donors. It was all about what they believed was either taken from them or could be taken.

Now the Democrats have their main energizing and enraging issue: the right to choose whether to end a pregnancy. It seems as if the right to vote, truly enshrined in our Constitution and clearly being eroded, hasn’t brought hundreds of thousands of people into the streets nor moved the dial in many recent primaries. But the overturning of Roe v. Wade has awakened and enraged people across the political spectrum.


The real possibility that other rights, decided upon the same constitutional foundation, are unquestionably in jeopardy ought to provide the Democrats, allied with fearful and grieving citizens of all party affiliations, to mobilize for the forthcoming primaries in November.

All the Democrats need do is frame these grievances into a winning slogan and the pendulum could swing back to restore and save these hard-won rights.

Betty I. Ussach


She tells her great-grandkids: I will not be silenced, and you shouldn’t be either

A letter to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren: As a survivor of an illegal abortion, I will never forget the fear, as I sought help, that I would die and leave my three children motherless. My own mom, at the age of 2, suffered from the loss of her mother to a back-room abortion. My very old age will not silence me nor stop my efforts to fight the overturning of Roe v. Wade — a reversal that was easily foreseen, and that resulted from years of planning and from maneuvers that allowed a badly skewed conservative Supreme Court.

Don’t count us out. In the halls of continuing care facilities all over the United States are women who have lived through the terror of unwanted pregnancies and the political rants of those who want to deprive us of our economic independence and right to decide on our medical care. Young women, be assured that the next step will be to deprive you of your right to contraception.


Be sure you know the position of those for whom you vote regarding a woman’s right to privacy and choice. Do not believe the liars who promise to respect precedent.

Enid W. Rothenberg

West Yarmouth