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Bigger is better when it comes to flipping burgers

An extra-wide burger turner.Handout

Lamson, the Westfield company that has been crafting knives and kitchen tools since 1837, offers a new tool with an extra-wide stainless steel blade (5 inches by 6 inches) they call a Hamburger Turner. It’s ideal for preparing diner-style smash burgers on the griddle and is likewise an excellent grilling tool. The blade’s front beveled edge easily gets underneath foods to lift and flip. It allows you to pick up a sizable salmon fillet, a hearty quantity of veggies, or whatever you’re grilling. Use the sides to later scrape the grates. Lamson makes turners in two other slimmer sizes, but this super-sized wide one is especially handy. The walnut handle with its brass rivets makes it handsome and comfortable to hold, but not dishwasher-safe ($37 to $40). Available at Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill, 40 Charles St., Boston, 617-227-4646; Kitchen Outfitters, 342 Great Road, Acton, 978- 263-1955; The Cook Shop, 1091 Main St., Brewster, 508-896-7698, or order at lamsonproducts.com/collections/walnut-kitchen-tools.



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