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Monster Pops make summer treats even cooler

Monster Pops molds.Handout

The New Jersey company Zoku has long produced cute ice pop molds in assorted characters to create your own summer treats for the kids with fresh fruit juices and purees rather than stocking the sugary, store-bought types. The company’s newest is Monster Pops, which creates ghoulish but charming shapes. Each tray includes four molds that fit 2.8 ounces of liquid that you can enhance with yogurt, cream, spices, or layer with different flavors. Included are reusable sticks. A lid snaps on to assure you won’t spill and makes the molds stackable. Once the pops are frozen, they easily pop out ($10). Available at Elmendorf Baking Supplies & Café, 594 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 617 -945-0045; Kitchen Outfitters, 342 Great Road, Acton, 978-263-1955; Eastman’s Home & Hardware, 150 Main St., Falmouth, 508-548-0407, or go to www.zokuhome.com.



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