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A twinkle in the silt: Lost engagement ring is recovered from Charles River

The woman's engagement ring was found within five minutes of searching, according to the Cambridge Fire Department press release.Cambridge Fire Department

The Cambridge Fire Department dive team plucked a Chicago woman’s diamond engagement ring from the depths of the Charles River after her husband accidentally dropped it.

The dive team was in the area Sunday preparing for the next day’s Fourth of July festivities when they were notified that the ring had been lost at the Charlesgate Yacht Club, and Firefighters Jeremy Marrache and Eric Moore made the decision to go in, the fire department said in a statement.

The woman had a good idea of where the ring went overboard, and there were no hazards for the divers to be concerned about, the department said.


Marrache, the primary diver, entered the water, while members of the marine unit acted as line tenders. Marrache emerged with the ring in less than five minutes, the department said.

Marrache said he scanned the bottom inch by inch with a flashlight, trying not to kick up silt, and then saw the glint of the diamond.

Cambridge Fire Assistant Chief Tom Cahill said that if the department had received a call about a lost ring, it wouldn’t have responded, but since the team was already in the area, they decided to use the situation as a training opportunity.

“It was really a matter of luck for the folks that lost their ring,” Cahill said. “[The dive team] had the equipment there, but it’s not something we would typically do.”

Ninos Andrews said he and his wife, Lynn Andrews, were standing on a dock when his wife gave the ring to him so she could put on sunscreen. He said he reluctantly put it in his shirt pocket. When he took his shirt off to cool off, the ring fell in the water.

“When it happened, I said a bad word,” Ninos said. “And then I took a deep breath and said, ‘You know what, honey? Everything’s going to be fine. Don’t worry.’”


Ninos said that when Marrache found the ring, he said, “I got it,” into his underwater microphone, and people on the dock heard it and began to cheer.

Cahill noted that if the dive team had waited any longer to take action, it would have been nearly impossible to find the ring.

The Cambridge Fire Department Dive Team and Marine Unit came together to find a woman's lost engagement ring in the Charles River.Cambridge Fire Department

“All the members on the detail showed great professionalism in assessing, making a plan, and executing the operation,” the statement said. “It highlights the importance of our recent dive training and the necessity for continued training and cross training between the Dive and Marine Unit.”

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