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The typical house in Greater Boston now costs $900,000. Here’s what that’ll buy you in the rest of America.

Nearly $1 million goes a little farther in some — though not all — big cities than it does around the country.

Boston and its suburbs, where the median price for a single-family home is $900,000, remain among the most expensive places to settle nationwide.Adobe Stock/Stephen VanHorn -

Greater Boston home buyers beware: A single-family house will likely run you close to a million.

Data released Tuesday by a local realtors association showed that the median home price in Eastern Massachusetts hit a record high of $900,000 in June, and $700,000 for a condo.

There are signs that the local housing market is cooling off, thanks in part to federal efforts to tame inflation. But the always-pricey Boston market is coming off a COVID-induced dose of rocket fuel, when homes sold for a premium price — sometimes hundreds of thousands over asking — and multiple bids were often on the table.


The city and its suburbs remain among the most expensive places to settle nationwide. We all know that. But if you’re wondering what $900,000 could get you in and around some other big cities, well, it’s usually — though not always — a little more house for your money.

Here are some examples we found on the real estate marketplace Zillow.

Medford, MA

For context, let’s start with Medford. Just under $900,000 can buy a modest four-bedroom home close to Route 93, with three levels of living space, a soaking tub, and a finished attic.

The single-family residence at 290 High St is listed for $899,900.Joseph Pollack/Redfin
The living room at 290 High Street, Medford.Joseph Pollack/Redfin
The kitchen at 290 High St, Medford.Joseph Pollack/Redfin

Address: 290 High St.

Square-footage: 2,496

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Houston, Texas

In Houston, a three-bedroom home with hardwood floors, an oversized kitchen island, and a game room costs $885,000. Bonus: there’s a porch and patio.

The three-bedroom at 403 Columbia St., Houston costs $885,000.Gordon Ford Properties
The living room at 403 Columbia St, Houston.Gordon Ford Properties
The brick patio at 403 Columbia St., Houston.Gordon Ford Properties
The porch at 403 Columbia St., Houston.Gordon Ford Properties

Address: 403 Columbia St

Square-footage: 3,568

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 4

Oakland, California

An $899,000 Oakland home features two small bedrooms in the Rockridge neighborhood, near several shops and restaurants.

A two-bedroom room in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland is listed for 5364 James Ave.Compass
The living room at 5364 James Ave, Oakland.Compass
A bedroom at 5364 James Ave, Oakland.Compass

Address: 5364 James Ave

Square-footage: 968

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nine hundred thousand dollars on the dot can buy a four-bedroom home built in 1850 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Locally know as “the Church,” at least according to the Zillow description, it has architectural archways in the kitchen, Moroccan tiles around the fireplace, and a balcony.


The four-bedroom home at 308 Monastery Ave. in Philadelphia costs $900,000.Coldwell Banker Realty
The living room and kitchen at 308 Monastery Ave., Philadephia.Coldwell Banker Realty
The backyard at 308 Monastery Ave, Philadelphia.Coldwell Banker Realty

Address: 308 Monastery Ave

Square-footage: 3,000

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Chicago, Illinois

A glassy four-bedroom in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago is listed for $870,000. It features a grass backyard, two-car garage, and roof deck. The closest train line into downtown is half a mile away.

A four-bedroom home at 4015 N. Drake Ave., Chicago costs $870,000.Kathryn Schrage/Redfin
A bedroom at 4015 N Drake Ave, Chicago.Kathryn Schrage/Redfin
The living room at 4015 N Drake Ave., Chicago.Kathryn Schrage/Redfin

Address: 4015 N Drake Ave

Square-footage: 3,576

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Denver, Colorado

A Victorian home in Denver with three bedrooms has stainless steel appliances, a fenced backyard space, and a full bathroom in the guest room.

A three-bedroom home at 2416 W Argyle Place in Denver costs $900,000.Porchlight Real Estate Group
A bedroom at 2416 W Argyle Place, Denver.Porchlight Real Estate Group
The living room at 2416 W Argyle Place, Denver.Porchlight Real Estate Group

Address: 2416 W Argyle Place

Square-footage: 1,686

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Miami, Florida

In the Red Bird neighborhood of Miami, a two-bedroom home built in 2018 comes with a recently redesigned back patio and a hot tub. It costs $879,900.

Built in 2018, a three-bedroom home at 6521 SW 38th St in Miami costs $879,000.Gabriel Gonzalez/Area Co. Real Estate
The backyard at 6521 SW 38th St., Miami.Gabriel Gonzalez/Area Co. Real Estate
The kitchen at 6521 SW 38th St., Miami.Gabriel Gonzalez/Area Co. Real Estate

Address: 6521 SW 38th St

Square-footage: 1,506

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Brooklyn, New York

At least Boston isn’t New York City, where a sleek, Brooklyn studio goes for $875,000. Located within a 57-story tower, the condo has 10-foot ceilings and views of the borough.

The living room at 11 Hoyt St., Brooklyn.StreetEasy
The entryway at 11 Hoyst St., Brooklyn.StreetEasy
The bathroom at 11 Hoyt St, Brooklyn.StreetEasy

Address: 11 Hoyt St

Square-footage: 520

Bedrooms: Studio

Bathrooms: 1

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