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Welcome to the Beatles-verse

News that Peter Jackson has a new project in the works with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr inspires thoughts about other Fab Four possibilities

Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon in Peter Jackson's "The Beatles: Get Back."Disney+ via AP

Director Peter Jackson scored with his Disney+ docu-series “The Beatles: Get Back,” which is nominated for five Emmys, including outstanding nonfiction series. His three-parter about the waning days of the Fab Four was so successful he is currently plotting another project with the surviving Beatles, “something very, very different from ‘Get Back,’” he recently told Deadline.

What could it be? It’s easy to imagine a world spun out of the Beatles, just as the entertainment industry has continued to find new ways into “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter.” The Beatles-verse could become, like the upcoming sequels to “Game of Thrones,” an Intellectual Property bonanza, only blessed with the spirit of George Martin rather than George R.R. Martin. It would be a media franchise. Picture this, if you will, and please, keep all groaning to a minimum.


“Day Tripper” Micro-dosing has become increasingly popular in recent years, so that many people are now proudly “weekend hippies.” This book offer a journey into the world of taking small amounts of LSD — or, if you will, a series of visits to gaze upon Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds — and it will be illustrated with the psychedelic visual work of Heinz Edelmann of “Yellow Submarine.” No Blue Meanies, though; this is all about blue skies and rising above.

“Eleanor Rigby” Frances McDormand is set to play the titular role in this dramatic film, a lonely woman who devotes her time to the local church. She’s hungry for love, but is it too late? Her eye wanders to the despairing Father McKenzie, played by Colin Firth, and it is for him that she puts on her makeup, hoping to attract him and lure him into human love. Will they find each other before it’s too late? Will she ever get to darn his socks for him?


“Daed Si Luap” In this mystery docu-series, a group of boomer QAnon followers take on the case of Paul McCartney, who has definitely been missing in action since 1966, when he definitely died in a car crash. In their quest for the not-fake truth, they go deep on a host of clues — not just the phrase “Paul is dead” when you spin “I’m So Tired” backward, but Paul’s bare feet on the cover of “Abbey Road” and the undeniable fact that he was buried in a coffin of 100 percent Norwegian wood.

“Lord of the Ringos” Back in 1968, the Beatles tried to make a movie of Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” The plan: Paul McCartney as Frodo, John Lennon as Gollum, George Harrison as Gandalf, and Ringo Starr as Sam, with Stanley Kubrick directing. Alas, the author was not on board: “He didn’t like the idea of a pop group doing his story,” Peter Jackson explained to the BBC last year. “So it got nixed by him.” John and George are gone, and Paul is super-busy; so Ringo is going to play all four roles, with Jackson directing. There will be CGI.

"Yellow Submarine."

“Yellow Submarine” Think “Big Brother,” but the house is actually a real submarine painted yellow! I know, it’s brilliant, and it’s an exciting step for the Beatles IP, as they’ve been longing to get into the reality-TV space. Each of the houseguests sleeps in the bunk bed section — it’s labeled the Sea of Holes — and hosting duties will go to a bright fellow named Jeremy Hillary Boob, who hails from Nowhere Land. Naturally, there will be all-star versions of “Yellow Submarine,” and the franchise will inevitably become a “sea” of “green.”


“Your Mother Should Know” Now that network TV is lousy with game shows, here’s one that Beatles fans can get behind. Contestants — who must dress in all-white tuxedos — are given trivia questions about things from before they were born, then charged with calling up their mums, live, for the answers. Sir Paul explained the vaudeville-ish song in his 1997 authorized biography, noting, “I was basically trying to say, your mother might know more than you think she does.” Let’s see if he was right.

Yer Dolls Yup, it’s a line of figurines of some of the band’s characters. Oh, what joy for every girl and boy! The gang is all here, folks. Polythene Pam, Sexy Sadie, Lovely Rita, Honey Pie, Rocky Raccoon, Doctor Robert, Lady Madonna, Mean Mr. Mustard, Maggie Mae, Maxwell, Mr. Kite, Martha, and even Michelle. You’ve got to get these into your life.

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