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Whale breaches, lands on small boat in waters off Plymouth

A whale breached the water and landed on a small boat in Plymouth Harbor on Sunday morning.Town of Plymouth

A humpback whale breached the water and landed on a small boat in the waters of Plymouth on Sunday morning, officials said.

No injuries were reported after the whale landed on the bow of a 19-foot boat off White Horse Beach about noon, Plymouth officials said in a statement.

The boat sustained minimal damage that did not affect its seaworthiness, the statement said.

“This interaction @Plymouth_Harbor is a reminder of how whale and boater interactions can become dangerous!” the Plymouth harbormaster said on Twitter.

The harbormaster sent information about the incident to the Massachusetts Environmental Police, who interviewed the six people who were recreationally fishing aboard the boat and determined that no violations occurred, officials said.


A video taken by a nearby boater shows the whale pop up and knock the bow of the boat below the water’s surface before going back down.

An image shared by town officials shows a boater holding onto the vessel after it was rocked and pushed down by the whale.

Boaters should stay at least 100 yards from a whale to minimize interactions that could be dangerous to both people and whales, the Plymouth Harbormaster Department said.

Correction: Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this report misstated the location of the whale breach. It occurred off White Horse Beach, south of Plymouth Harbor.

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