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Turning 74, but happily immature all his life

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Renée Graham’s “On turning 60″ (Ideas, July 17) was timely for me. I will be 74 on July 27. I have been fortunate that I haven’t had too many ailments that force me to feel old. I sound and look younger than my age. I explain to people who comment on my relative youthfulness that I have remained immature all my life.

I started exercising regularly when I was 14 and try to remain vigorous by basically staying in motion (that old law about an object in motion). “Who I am is who I am,” writes Graham, is “a kind of personal affirmation.” I read the message as a way to accept your age, but I always like to be defiant. I like the Italian toast “Cent’Anni”: May you live 100 years.


I saw that the late Ivana Trump was 73, which was sobering. I also believe that there is longevity in my DNA since my mother and two brothers survived life in the ghetto during the Nazi occupation and lived to be in their 90s.

Life is a game of chance that I happily play. I will avoid staircases, and skydiving (how Graham marked her 40th birthday) is out of the question. Instead, I will indulge in a birthday cake with more sugar than I should ingest. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Steven A. Ludsin

East Hampton, N.Y.