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Give your G&T a rosy tint

Wire Works Rosé Gin from the South Boston distillery GrandTen Distilling.Handout

A simple gin and tonic can get a rosy hue with Wire Works Rosé Gin from the South Boston distillery GrandTen Distilling. The building was an iron foundry in the 1800s. Made in small batches, co-founder Matt Nuernberger says his team allows their unproofed gin to sit with Carménère grape must (skins and seeds) long enough to achieve the spirit’s pink color and subtle sweet, citrusy flavors. The blush makes other easy summery drinks, a spritzer or a Collins, look classy (about $34 for 750 ml.). At the distillery, bartender Steve Schnelwar shakes up creative cocktails with the rose gin in a Pink Cashmere, with lime juice and orgeat (an almond flavored syrup), and the Strawberry Letter 23, blending strawberry shrub, elderflower liqueur, and bitters — all of which may inspire you to create your own cooling renditions at home. Wire Works Rosé Gin is available at Social Wines, 52 W. Broadway, Boston, 617-268-2974; Gordon’s, 92 Arsenal Yards Blvd., Watertown, 617-926-1119; Marty’s, 675 Washington St., Newton, 617-332-1230, and other wine and spirit shops, and at the distillery at 383 Dorchester Ave., South Boston, 617-269-0497, grandten.com.



Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.