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The Bacon Brothers talk ‘forosoco’ music and Boston connections ahead of shows in Mass.

Michael Bacon and younger brother Kevin will perform in Beverly and on the Cape next week.

The Bacon Brothers, Michael (left) and Kevin, perform two shows in Massachusetts in August.Charles Chessler

Boston is only one degree of separation from The Bacon Brothers.

Michael Bacon — one half of the band The Bacon Brothers, along with his kid brother Kevin — is a film and television composer who won an Emmy for his work on a 2009 GBH American Experience, “The Kennedys.”

Boston’s GBH “was my main client for many years,” Michael said in a phone interview from “up in the Adirondacks.” Staying for a stint in a rustic cabin his grandparents built in the 1920s, he talked to the Globe from a friend’s house with better phone reception. Soon, the Bacon Brothers will connect in Massachusetts for shows in Truro Aug. 4 and Beverly Aug. 7.


Actually, the Bacons have quite a few New England connections:

Kevin Bacon, 64, and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, are, technically, New Englanders, with their farm in Connecticut. (One of their goats is Macon Bacon. Oh, and Kevin serenades them on TikTok. #GoatSongs #MustSee.)


A #GOATsongs by a Tom for a Tom @Tom Brady @Tom Jones Official Page #NFL

♬ original sound - Kevin Bacon

Married nearly 34 years, the couple met while working on the GBH film, “Lemon Sky,” Michael said.

Michael Bacon, 72, meanwhile, attended Harvard Summer School. And of course, Kevin worked on Boston-set films like “Mystic River,” “Patriots Day,” “Black Mass,” and Showtime’s series “City on a Hill.”

“So he can do a pretty decent Boston accent,” Michael quips.

As for which craft he prefers, music or acting, Kevin said via e-mail: “When I was a really little kid, what I really wanted to be was some kind of a star — it could be music or it could be acting, but my brother was already doing that music thing so I decided to go into acting. It wasn’t until later, when I realized that acting was a craft and when I started studying it, that I decided I was going to devote my life to it.”


Clearly, that plan worked. The Golden Globe winner was in LA earlier this week for the premiere of his new horror movie, “They/Them,” hitting Peacock Aug. 5.

It’s because of his notable acting, actually, that Kevin was “really reluctant” to form a band, Michael said.

“There’s a lot of negativity heaped on any successful actor who forms a band. And we both do it, too — we roll our eyes when we hear another actor’s got a band. It’s human nature,” said Michael. “So he was reluctant to open that can of worms.”

It wasn’t until 1994 that the Bacon brothers formed The Bacon Brothers.

Their first gig was almost a whim, after a friend asked them to perform. After that, it snowballed.

“Little clubs up and down the East Coast heard we were actually not too bad, so we were offered another gig, another, and now we just had our 11th release,” Michael said. “So it’s been a grassroots roll-out. We’re a songwriting band, so as long as the songs keep coming, it will roll on.”

Their new EP, “Erato,” released earlier this month.

When they’re up onstage together jamming, it clicks.

“The feeling onstage is always great,” Kevin said. When “the band is really feeling great and grooving, and the harmonies are right, there’s no other feeling like it. And to do it with your brother is a cherry on a sundae.”

If you’ve heard more than one Bacon Brothers song, you know they can’t be pigeon-holed into one genre.


“We’re not good at” sticking to one sound, Michael said with a laugh.

Musically, Kevin said he’s influenced “by all kinds of different music… I just like great songs. Anything from country to rap, if it is a great song, I love it.”

They’ve dubbed their sound “forosoco,” meaning a blend of folk, rock, soul, and country — it was also the title of their debut album in 1997.

“It’s a great promotional tool: name your first record an unpronounceable word,” Michael said with a laugh.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Michael and Kevin were two of six kids — they have four sisters — born to Ed and Ruth Bacon. Their father, dubbed “the Father of Modern Philadelphia,” was such a prominent figure in the city, that Michael joked: “Philadelphia is the only place where I become ‘Ed Bacon’s son’ rather than ‘Kevin Bacon’s brother.’”

Ed and Ruth encouraged the arts. Michael started out on cello at age 7.

“My older sister taught me to play guitar. We were in a jug-band in high school,” he said. “I loved banjo. Pete Seeger was my idol, still kind of is.”

Being nine years apart, the two brothers didn’t jam musically until Kevin was a teenager.

“Michael was playing in bands with my sister when I was a little boy,” Kevin said. “I grew up listening to him writing music in our house and, of course, that was very influential on me.”


A multi-instrumentalist, Michael jokes he can “play pretty much everything not particularly well.”

After dropping out of college to pursue music, he and his wife eventually moved to Nashville, where he became a staff songwriter at a publishing company.

“Every Monday, all the writers would get together and there would be a list of all the people recording that week: Dolly Parton is looking for uptempo country, Kenny Rogers is looking for soulful ballads, that sort of thing.”

He pitched a few that landed: “Jerry Lee Lewis cut one of my songs, Perry Como. I’ve had songs cut, but never hit. One thing I’ve never given up is the dream” of a hit.

When “some friends asked me to write songs for documentaries,” he began a career in film-scoring. Today, his resume is lengthy, and he’s a full professor at Lehman College in New York.

As for some favorite Bacon Brothers songs, Michael loves to play “a song my brother wrote called ‘So-Cal Smooth.’ I love a song I recently wrote called ‘The Way We Love.’ It puts me in a trance every time I sing it. And at the end of the show, we always sing ‘Footloose’ for no other reason than it makes people really happy.”

Of course, we all know “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” a ubiquitous parlor game that plays off “Six Degrees of Separation” — the concept that all people are no more than six social connections away from each other. While Kevin has said he wasn’t exactly thrilled about the game, he’s turned it into a chance to do good with sixdegrees.org, a nonprofit “aimed at using everyday activities to connect people and causes.”


When asked about the game, Michael laughed.

“If there were a publicist behind that, that would be the biggest genius. I mean, think of that: all of the sudden, out of all the famous actors, you become a drinking game. I don’t think Marlon Brando or Elizabeth Taylor had a drinking game,” he said. But Kevin’s “a good sport about it.”

The Bacon Brothers perform at the Payomet Performing Arts Center in North Truro on Aug. 4, and The Cabot in Beverly on Aug. 7; more info at baconbros.com.

Lauren Daley can be reached at ldaley33@gmail.com. Follow her on Twitter @laurendaley1.

Lauren Daley can be reached at ldaley33@gmail.com. Follow her on Twiiter @laurendaley1.