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Governor, sign the climate bill

A group of electric vehicles line up at a charging station.David Zalubowski/Associated Press

Time is running out for the state and the nation to take action

Dharna Noor’s story highlights the details of a bipartisan climate bill that will provide a roadmap for reaching the state’s ambitious climate goals (“Climate measure heads to Baker,” Metro, July 22). At a time when collaborative legislative solutions to climate change have been notably absent at the federal level, we applaud Massachusetts legislators for their leadership in passing “An Act Driving Clean Energy and Offshore Wind.”

This climate bill provides the plans and programs that will allow the state to meet its commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 while also building high quality jobs in the clean energy economy, protecting our environment and natural resources, and delivering for our most vulnerable communities. Key provisions of the bill expand access to affordable wind and solar power for Massachusetts residents, strengthen the long-term growth of the clean energy industry and workforce, and create expert committees to provide recommendations on grid modernization and transmission.

We call on Governor Baker to sign this bill into law before the end of the legislative session on July 31 to ignite our progress toward a fully clean energy economy at both the state and national level. No piece of legislation is perfect, and there is still work to be done to advance equitable energy access and address environmental injustices for Massachusetts’ most overburdened communities. But time is running out for the state and the nation to take action. We urge Baker to implement the provisions of this bill and pave the way for other states and our federal government to enact significant and proactive climate change legislation.


Elena Weissmann

Regional director, Northeast

Vote Solar

America has a disproportionate obligation to address the earth’s climate crisis

I am a Milton resident, voter, and grandparent concerned about preserving a sustainable earth for future generations. I urge Governor Charlie Baker to sign “An Act Driving Clean Energy and Offshore Wind” into law without changes and without delay. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned that the earth has entered “code red” for avoiding unimaginable climate catastrophe. His leadership is needed now.


Over half of the carbon in the atmosphere today from human activity was introduced in just the last 30 years. The United States has cumulatively contributed more CO2 than any other nation, and American per capita share dwarfs that of any other people. Climate induced crises — wildfires, flooding, storm destruction, food and water insecurity, polar ice loss and sea rise — are now experienced on every continent on earth. We Americans carry a disproportionate obligation to address the earth’s climate crisis.

Massachusetts has the ability and vision to lead the rest of the nation in decarbonizing our economy. Ten communities stand ready to pilot building electrification and the state possesses one of the best offshore wind resources in the nation.

Time is short for preserving both a livable planet and our legacy among future generations. I urge Baker to join his legislative colleagues in supporting aggressive action to preserve a sustainable earth for our children and grandchildren now living and yet unborn.

J. Hale Smith