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Kyla Stone on her love of Maine, a favorite (stolen) hat, and living out of suitcases on tour

We caught up with the actress and singer, who is coming to Boston to appear in the musical ‘Anastasia,’ to talk about all things travel

Kyla Stone.Handout

She may be from the West Coast, but actress and singer Kyla Stone has a strong affinity for New England — particularly Maine. So it’s no surprise that the 24-year-old performer is looking forward to coming to Boston to appear in the musical “Anastasia,” which kicks off Aug. 17 at Citizens Bank Opera House. Stone, who is making her national tour debut in this production, plays the lead, Anya, who leaves Russia for Paris in a quest to discover the mystery of her past. Set in the 1920s, the musical is inspired by 20th Century Fox’s 1997 animated film and the 1956 movie starring Ingrid Bergman. Stone, who graduated from Chapman University with a bachelor of fine arts degree in theater performance, was born in Anaheim, Calif., and raised in Los Angeles and Orange County. She is the first African-American Anya, and her next gig, which begins later this month, is as lead Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde” at The Muny in St. Louis, Mo. We caught up with Stone, who said she (along with her cat, Dolly Rey) splits her time between Los Angeles and Orange County when she’s not on tour, to talk about all things travel.

Favorite vacation destination? Without a doubt, I will always say Maine. I am 100 percent biased because my boyfriend is from Falmouth, but I spent this last Christmas with his family and got the insider’s scoop on all the best spots in New England. . . . It was an absolute gift. The people, the weather, the seafood . . . I’m also a big sucker for a lighthouse, so Maine is my number one.


Favorite food or drink while vacationing? You can always find me in a local coffee shop, trying to find the best chai tea latte. It’s my go-to drink and never lets me down. When we are on a long break from touring, I also love a spicy mezcal margarita with a Tajin rim.

Where would you like to travel to but haven’t? Italy and Thailand are at the very top of my list. They both have rich and unique cultures, food landscape, and stunning architecture that I have always been drawn to. And if I am being completely honest about my childhood dreams, Italy is because I could eat pasta every single day — if singing and dancing weren’t my chosen profession — and Thailand is because I am in love with elephants and want to support the sanctuaries they have there.


One item you can’t leave home without when traveling? The Ralph Lauren baseball cap I stole from my boyfriend’s closet — outing myself on that one, wow — and my vocal steamer in case where I’m going is super dry.

Aisle or window? I usually always go for a window seat, because I am either a) asleep or b) taking pictures of the sunset. If the flight is longer than four hours, I definitely gravitate toward an aisle seat so I can get up easily and move around.

Favorite childhood travel memory? Almost every summer we would venture up to Palm Springs and spend a weekend out at the pool and exploring downtown. I absolutely love that dry heat and still try to venture out there every so often.

Guilty pleasure when traveling? I will inevitably end up buying a new pair of shoes that I then have to desperately try to fit into my suitcase . . . or a new book — there’s very little in between.


Best travel tip? Living out of two suitcases on tour teaches you a lot about packing and what you do/don’t need to bring with you when you travel. Packing cubes and reusable utensils are the biggest lifesavers. Picking the most versatile clothes in your wardrobe and sticking to a pre-made list will save you space — and weight — in the long run . . . especially if you’re like me and love shopping for more clothes while you are on vacation.