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Chart: How do historians rank US presidents?

US President Joe Biden gives a thumbs up while boarding Air Force One.Shawn Thew/Bloomberg

In June, the Siena College Research Institute released its seventh ranking of US presidents, which found Biden ranked 19th out of the 45 men who have served as president, one spot behind Ronald Reagan.

In the ranking, Biden scored high in measures such as compromise (9th), integrity (12th), executive appointments (10th), and court appointments (10th). He ranked lower in communication (30th) and luck (34th).

The survey of historians and other experts was conducted early this year, and Biden’s score could improve in the future.

How do the other 44 presidents rank? Former president Donald Trump ranked near the bottom overall at 43rd, coming in dead last for background, integrity, intelligence, executive appointments, and foreign policy. (”Background” refers to a president’s family and educational background, and the experience brought to the office.) Trump fared best in luck (17th) and willingness to take risks (23rd). Former president Barack Obama, meanwhile, ranked 11th overall, and scored high marks in integrity (6th), imagination (7th), intelligence (7th), and communication (6th). He scored lowest in relationship with Congress (27th) and willingness to take risks (21st).


Former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who enacted the New Deal during the Great Depression and steered the nation through WWII, ranked first in the survey, while former president Andrew Johnson ranked last.

The rankings are based on survey responses from 141 presidential scholars, historians, and political scientists who rated each president using a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) on 20 different measures, from their background to their ability to avoid crucial mistakes, and more.

Check the tables below to see how presidents ranked in three major groupings: Attributes, abilities, and accomplishments.

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