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Hot, dry weather is good for beachgoers, but not students

Beach weather will continue this weekend.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

If you haven’t had much beach time this summer, the weather is going to provide you with ample opportunity over the next week to 10 days. This weekend we can expect readings up around 90 degrees. Humidity levels will be in check and although not super dry, I don’t see those 70-degree dew points over the weekend.

It does turn more humid early next week and there is a chance of some shower activity sometime later Monday or Tuesday. Remember, a chance of showers is just that, a chance. In this hot, dry pattern, it’s going to likely be a very large weather system that brings widespread sustained rains and that is not in the cards.


There is a small chance of a storm Saturday for a few towns, but overall the weekend will be hot and dry with sunshine.NOAA

This means the drought is going to continue for the foreseeable future. The last major drought in 2016 didn’t really end until well into the fall, although the edge was off as some rain in October helped. Many trees and shrubs will go dormant early in this pattern and there will be some damage.

Most plants should recover next spring. However, there are plants with more shallow root systems that can die in this type of weather. Azaleas and rhododendron are especially susceptible and I highly recommend trickling water around the root zone for several hours rather than overhead watering.

Extreme drought has spread across much of Eastern Southern New England.NOAA

In addition to the dry weather, temperatures look to remain above average through the end of the month and likely lasting into September. NOAA’s 30 day outlook favors warmer than average temperatures next month. This doesn’t mean we won’t have some cool weather, it’s just overall the average will be on the warm side.

Likely temperature averages across the US next month.NOAA

The opening of school is approaching and for many students, teachers, and administrators, this means hot weather in non-air-conditioned buildings. A majority of Boston schools do not have air conditioning in classrooms, which can easily reach over 90 degrees. As the climate continues to warm, adding air conditioning to school buildings is increasingly important for successful learning.


The increase in 90-degree weather during May and June and also into September means that three out of the 10 school months of the year have the potential for serious indoor heat.

Climatological Autumn, September through November, shows a strong warming trend in recent years.NOAA

There have always been hot days during the school year, but this will increasingly become an issue having more impact. Autumn is the fastest warming season here in New England with summer weather routinely lasting well into the month. This year is likely to be no exception to the trend.