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Primary elections 2022: How to vote in Massachusetts

A sign directed voters to the early voting location at North Quincy High School in Quincy, Mass., on August 27, 2022.Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Massachusetts residents have a chance to fulfill their civic duty and cast their ballot in the state primary election Sept. 6. Here’s how to vote in the upcoming election.

Important dates and times

The official day to vote in-person for the state primary election is Tuesday, Sept. 6. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m on Election Day. The deadline to register to vote was Aug. 27.

For added convenience, Massachusetts residents can also vote by mail. The deadline to apply for mail-in voting is Aug. 29 at 5 p.m., though the secretary of state’s website recommends applying two to three weeks before Election Day. Applications are accepted through the secretary of state’s Mail-in Ballot Application System.


Mail-in ballots must be received by your local election office by 8 p.m. on Sept. 6, and voters can track the status of their ballot online. The U.S. Postal Service recommends allowing up to seven days to ensure your ballot is delivered on time.

Bay Staters wanting to vote early can cast their vote between Saturday, Aug. 27 and Friday, Sept. 2. Early voting can be done both in-person and by mail.

Voting in person

Residents voting in person on Election Day can find their nearest polling place by entering their address on the state secretary’s website, which will display the location assigned to their precinct. In-person voters must state their name and address upon check-in at their polling place.

Voters may also be required to provide identification confirming their name and address at check-in. Poll workers may ask residents to provide identification if they are typically inactive voters, casting a provisional or challenged ballot, or if there is reasonable suspicion for the worker to request ID, according to the secretary of state’s website.


Mail-in voting

Residents mailing in their vote should ensure they are either registered for a political party, or indicate which party’s ballot they’d like to receive. Failing to do so will disqualify residents from casting their mail-in vote.

Mail-in voters can hand-deliver their ballot to a local election office or drop box, bringing it to an early voting location during the appropriate hours in their community, or simply by mailing it back in the original envelope provided. Voters should not deliver their mail-in ballot to their local polling place on Election Day. Your ballot must reach your local election office by 8 p.m. on Sept. 6 to be counted.

Find your local election office or a drop box on the secretary of state’s website here.

What’s on the ballot

Governor Charlie Baker’s job is up for grabs, with Democratic candidate Maura Healey effectively running unopposed in the primary.

Geoff Diehl and Chris Doughty are the Republican candidates in the gubernatorial race. Diehl, a former state representative backed by Donald Trump, has promised to further the conservative agenda, while Doughty, who’s never before sought political office, leans on more moderate Republican views and hopes to revitalize the state’s economy, according to a Globe report.

Other positions on the Sept. 6 election ballot include representative in Congress, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer, state auditor, governor’s council, state senator, state representative, district attorney, sheriff, and county commissioner in certain counties.

For a complete list of Democratic and Republican candidates for the positions on the ballot, visit the secretary of state’s website.


You can also view a sample ballot for your district by entering your address into the secretary of state’s website.

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