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Warm, sunny weekend might also be a bit smoky

Highs will be well into the 80s on Saturday with moderate humidity.

We are concluding the work week on a very warm note with temperatures approaching 80 over inland areas and in the 70s along the coast.

You’ll notice the dark blue sky tending to become a little hazier towards sunset as a plume of wildfire smoke moves over New England from Canada. The smoke will be with us throughout Saturday and is likely going to lead to some pretty vivid sunsets and sunrises the next couple of days.

A plume of wildfire smoke seen in purple crosses into New England Saturday.WeatherBELL

Unlike the brush fire smoke from a couple of weeks ago which many of us could smell, this smoke will be higher up in the atmosphere so it’s unlikely that you’ll get a strong scent. There should be a series of vivid sunrises and sunsets into Sunday morning from this smoke.


A southerly flow of warmer than average air is going to propel temperatures into the 80s for Saturday. It will be cooler at the beaches but still warm enough to take a swim as water temperatures have not cooled off significantly from their seasonal highs.

It will be a lot of sunshine Saturday but clouds are going to slowly increase in the afternoon at the same time the haze from the smoke is pushing out to sea.

Sunday continues the warm weather it may be a couple of degrees cooler with more cloudiness. There’s no chance of any precipitation so any outdoor activities will be fine. Most areas away from the coast reach the low to mid-80s. You can expect 70s on Cape Cod.

Average or drier than average conditions are likely through the third week of September.

The humidity goes up later Monday and by Tuesday, dew points will be well into the 60s to lower 70s along with some cloud cover and the chance for a couple of showers. It won’t be as warm, but the mugginess will bring back that tropical feeling for just over a day.


High dew points near 70 are likely by Tuesday ahead of a cooler and drier air mass for the middle of next week.

I don’t expect a lot of rain on Tuesday or for the foreseeable future. Although it was certainly wet earlier this week, signs for drier-than-average conditions over the next couple of weeks are strong.

This means that the drought which has pulled back a little bit will remain in place and may even worsen once again. The GFS model has less rain than average through the middle of the month.

Less rainfall than is typically the case is expected, according to the GFS model seen here.