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What was it like to grow up in a $23 million mansion? A daughter of the Yankee Candle founder gives a sneak peek.

The 16-bedroom, 120,000-square foot mansion built by Yankee Candle founder Michael J. Kittredge in Leverett is on sale for $23 million.Surette Media Group and Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Have you heard about the mansion in Western Massachusetts that’s for sale for a cool $23 million? It boasts a bowling alley, golf course, arcade, four tennis courts, two climate controlled car barns, and indoor and outdoor pools that look more like Bellagio-inspired waterparks.

The sprawling home in Leverett was built and belonged to the owner of Yankee Candle, the late Michael J. Kittredge II. When the property was put on the market earlier this month, it prompted a wave of curiosity: What was it like to live there?

Over the weekend, one of Kittredge’s daughters, 19-year-old Kylie, took to TikTok to give her followers a now-viral sneak peek into life at 113 Juggler Meadow Road. In the video, she said she wanted to offer “realistic insight” into what it was like growing up in a multimillion dollar estate.


“I had no idea it was going to blow up like it did,” Kylie said of the viral video in a phone interview with the Globe on Monday. “It was just going to be for my close friends that knew me and knew the place I was living in.”

In the video, Kylie touched on how she and her family moved about the 125,000 square-foot compound. The bowling alley, for example, was only used “once in a blue moon,” when friends came over or when Kylie and her sister, Casey, who’s three years younger, “would rally our parents to come down and play with us every once in a while.”

Kylie said golf carts were the “main mode of transportation” around the 60-acre property, and that she was driving one by herself at age 5.

“My sister and I really liked making homemade lemonade and doing a mobile lemonade stand,” Kylie said in the TikTok. “We’d cart around with the lemonade and give it to all our employees that worked for us, whether it was landscapers, housekeepers, or property managers.”


Kylie Kittredge said the bowling alley was used "once in a blue moon."Surette Media Group and Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Because the property was “so big” and smartphones weren’t as widely used at the time, Kylie said the family used a paging system — “so if you needed someone, you could just page them and everyone could hear it.”

Kylie said Christmas was a major holiday at the estate: the family always had a tree that was three stories tall with a different theme every year. “Everything had to go with everything,” she said.

“Along with the massive tree, we had a massive party with about 350 of our friends that usually entailed dinner, dancing, and some form of musical entertainment,” Kylie said, adding that Hall & Oates performed at the party one year.

Kylie shared photos on TikTok of her family at her “Little Mermaid”-themed 4th birthday party hosted next to the massive indoor pool, as well as a photo of “little Kylie” getting into her dad’s Maserati before school.

“My dad was a huge car collector, so every morning when he’d drive me to school he’d ask me which car I’d like to take that morning, and usually I opted into something really quiet,” Kylie said. “I wish I appreciated it more because I miss him and him driving me to school.”

By Monday morning, the TikTok had more than 1.2 million views, and Kylie suddenly had about 10,000 new followers. She uploaded a second video on Sunday to answer one pressing question: What did the Yankee Candle founder’s mansion smell like?


“We didn’t really burn scented candles in our house,” Kylie said, adding that if they did, it’d be in the kitchen, with a “pretty popular” scent like balsam. “But for the most part, if we were using candles it’d be unscented candles ... we didn’t want anything that would super overwhelming when you came into the house.”

Kylie said if she were to associate another smell with the mansion, it’d be Bulgari green tea bath products: “In all of our guest bedrooms and the spa, that was the household scent that we’d use. ... It is a very fresh clean smell.”

The indoor pool at 113 Juggler Meadow Road.Surette Media Group and Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Kylie lived in the Leverett mansion until age 15 when her father passed away. The family now lives in another home in Massachusetts. Michael Kittredge’s son, Kylie’s half-brother, Michael “Mick” Kittredge III, had been living at the estate but decided to sell it because it was “too much for one person,” according to Johnny Hatem Jr., a real estate agent with Douglas Elliman.

Michael Kittredge II bought the original property — a three-bedroom, two-bathroom Colonial-style home — in 1984 for $144,000. He then transformed it into an estate with 16 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, according to Douglas Elliman. He married Kylie’s mother, Lisa Kittredge, in 1999, one year after selling Yankee Candle to an investment firm for a reported $400 million. The Kittredges are no longer affiliated with the company.


Kylie reflected on what she remembers most about the home.

“I think the part that I loved most was that we could bring in so many of our friends and family and have really wonderful gatherings together ... sharing space with people we loved and cared about was the most special part of it all.”

Globe correspondent Bailey Allen contributed to this report.

Juggler Meadow is a 16-bedroom home.Surette Media Group and Douglas Elliman Real Estate
A view of the kitchen.Surette Media Group and Douglas Elliman Real Estate
The arcade and game room.Surette Media Group and Douglas Elliman Real Estate
One of the four tennis courts on the 60-acre property.Surette Media Group and Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Climate-controlled car barns could hold up to 60 vehicles. Surette Media Group and Douglas Elliman Real Estate

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