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Green crabs, now in the hands of home cooks

Boston-based seafood distributor Wulf’s Fish sells frozen green crabs

Cooked green crabs from Wulf’s Fish in Boston, which sells frozen 3-pound bags.Handout

Much has been written about green crabs, their invasive and destructive nature (they threaten the coastal ecosystem), and their deliciousness. In response to the increasing population, local chefs are creating ways to use the crustaceans — for sliders, in risotto, stews, bouillabaisse, and other inventive ways — and are putting them on restaurant menus.

Now, the Boston-based seafood distributor Wulf’s Fish sells frozen green crabs to home cooks. The crabs have been harvested in Essex. The seafood company also works with the nonprofit Greencrab.org to continue to find local suppliers. In an effort to encourage people to use them, Mary Parks, cofounder of the nonprofit, helped create recipes, which you can find on its website.


“The stock the crabs make is amazingly flavorful,” says Alisha Lumea, marketing director at Wulf’s. “It’s easy and a great gateway to working with crabs.”

Shuck the legs for a little nugget of meat, or in the fall, use the roe from the female crabs in dishes, Lumea suggests. “Both take some patience and skill.”

For recipes, visit greencrab.org. To order a 3-pound bag ($13), go to wulfsfish.com.

Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.