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Bird sightings from Mass Audubon

A number of Connecticut warblers and dickcissels arrived last week at scattered locations around the state, but the most interesting report was a possible corn crake briefly seen by several observers at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield. This very rare North American vagrant from northwestern Europe and mid-latitude Eurasia would represent a first Massachusetts record.

Cape Cod: A buff-breasted sandpiper at the New Seabury County Club, a red-headed Woodpecker in Truro seen on both side of Route 6 including at High Head, a hooded warbler at Wellfleet Bay Sanctuary, and a blue grosbeak at the Brewster Community Gardens. Also an Iceland gull at Nauset Beach in Orleans, an arctic tern and two Caspian terns at Chapin Beach in Dennis, and two pomarine jaegers at Nauset Light in Eastham and another one at Race Point in Provincetown. Two glossy ibises in Eastham and another at Santuit Pond in Mashpee, two yellow-bellied flycatchersCQ in Truro, a Lincoln sparrow in Brewster, and an evening grosbeak in South Yarmouth.


Bristol County: An out-of-season king eider and a red-necked grebe along with a Baird’s sandpiper, three glossy ibises, two Caspian terns, and migrants featuring a willow flycatcher, warblers including Tennessee, orange-crowned, and two Connecticut warblers, and a clay-colored sparrow. Elsewhere in the county more than 100 great egrets, a bald eagle, and several thousand tree swallows at Allens Pond in South Dartmouth.

Plymouth County: Two “western” willets at Plymouth Beach, a blue grosbeak at Duxbury Beach, and the continued presence of four sandhill cranes in the fields off Central Street in East Bridgewater. The most intriguing sighting of all was made by several fortunate observers who had tantalizing glimpses of a possible corn crake at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield.

Norfolk County: Connecticut warblers in Sharon, Squantum Point Park in Squantum, the Cornelia & Richardson White Woodsin Cohasset, a mourning warbler in Sharon, and an early pine siskin at Moose Hill Sanctuary in Sharon in Sharon.


Suffolk County: An American golden-plover at Winthrop Beach and at Lewis Lake in Winthrop two yellow-crowned night-herons. At Belle Isle Marsh a glossy Ibis, and at Revere Beach seven forster’s terns. At Franklin Park, an early dark-eyed junco.

Essex County: The continued presence of an American avocet at Plum Island, where other unusual visitors included eight Yellow-crowned night-herons, a Connecticut warbler, and two lark sparrows. In Newburyport Harbor a little gull among the more common Bonaparte’s gulls, as was a “Western” willet. At Salisbury a black guillemot , at Halibut Point in Rockport a black vulture.

Berkshire County: A nocturnal tally of calling migrating thrushes included a minimum of 40 Swainson’s thrushes and 10 Veerys in Pittsfield. Three least flycatchers in Williamstown and a willow flycatcher in Pittsfield. Connecticut warblers at the Jug End State Reservation & Wildlife Management Area in Egremont and at Taft Farms in Great Barrington. A scattering of red crossbills continues in Lenox, Great Barrington, and at the October Mountain State Forest in Washington.

Franklin County: A dickcissel in Orange and a least flycatcher in Northfield, a few red crossbills continued to be seen in New Salem.

Hampshire County: A buff-breasted sandpiper at the boat ramp in Hatfield, a Baird’s sandpiper in the Northampton East Meadows along with two dickcissels, and Connecticut warblers in Hadley and Arcadia Sanctuary in Easthampton, where at least three least flycatchers were also counted. A very late singing cerulean warbler at Skinner State Park in Hadley, and two early horned grebes at gate five at Quabbin in Belchertown.


Hampden County: Twenty-three broad-winged hawks and a golden eagle at Mount Tom State Reservation in Holyoke, and a white-rumped sandpiper a lesser black-backed gull, two dickcissels, a Connecticut warbler, and a clay-colored sparrow at the Longmeadow Flats.

Middlesex County: Four ring-necked ducks and Hammond Pond in Newton, an olive-sided flycatcher and a blue-winged warbler at Fresh Pond in Cambridge, a yellow-bellied flycatcher in Lexington, a Connecticut warbler at the Middlesex School in Concord, two lark sparrows at Foss Farm in Carlisle, and two pine siskins in Belmont.

Worcester County: Three lingering sandhill cranes in New Braintree and four in Hardwick, 14 black vultures in Blackstone and three in Hardwick, five common mergansers at gate 40 at the Wachusett Reservoir in Clinton, a Connecticut warbler in Westboro, a summer tanager at River Bend Farm and Visitor Center in Uxbridge, and a dickcissel in Uxbridge at the Community Gardens.

Martha’s Vineyard: Two common ravens at Wasque and the same two or two more on Naushon Island; a marbled godwit at the Mattakesett boat ram on the shore of Katama Bay, and a white-eyed vireo at Aquinnah.

Nantucket: A yellow-crowned night-heron at Eel Point, a marbled godwit and a Lincoln’s sparrow at Codfish Park, and a red-headed woodpecker at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation.