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Wanted: a bipartisan brain trust to propose true immigration reform

A Venezuelan migrant mother and her child on Martha’s Vineyard on Sept. 15.Carlin Stiehl for The Boston Globe

The circuitous route that brought migrants to Martha’s Vineyard highlights our broken immigration system. I disagree with the tactics used by several governors, but they’re not completely wrong to note that those who are far away from the borders lack a full view of the challenges presented by illegal immigration.

This issue has lingered for far too long due to political intransigence. I happen to believe that this intransigence arises more from right-wing stances than from positions on the left, but the lack of action is undoubtedly attributable to the most extreme views from each pole, shouted across an increasingly wide gulf. What bipartisan group of politicians would be willing to step into the breach and propose the comprehensive reform we so clearly need?


One view of compromise is that the end product is something that pleases nobody, but who is happy with the current state of affairs? And consider this: In a rapidly warming world, the press of refugees will most assuredly increase. It’s long past time to address the issue with seriousness and commitment to solutions, not cheap political photo ops.

Dave Estep