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Hip-hop concert culminates Boston Cannabis Week

A view of the stage at the 2021 Xperience Boston show during Boston Cannabis Week.BCW Productions

In its third year, Boston Cannabis Week boasts an impressive lineup for Xperience Boston, its music festival. Artists scheduled to perform Saturday from 2 to 10 p.m. include Common, Curren$y, Roc Marciano & The Alchemist, Akrobatik & Dub Apocalypse, Dutch ReBelle and DJ Slipwax.

Founders Scott Bettano and Lisa Finelli Fallon launched BCW in September 2019 to elevate the Northeast cannabis community with seven days of programming. Besides the festival, the week features virtual mixers (“Industrymix”), educational panels (“Let’s Talk Weed: BCW Edition”), and fashion shows (“Fashion on Fire”), among other events. “We knew that whatever we were building would include people who are locally based and from all walks of life, business owners that are women and people of color and minorities,” Fallon says. “Our goal is to provide platforms to the correct groups.”


Xperience Boston is taking place at Underground at Ink Block, a spacious yet unconventional venue that has worked with BCW since its inception. The music event will have local vendors specializing in various cannabis products and services including Berkshire Roots, Commonwealth Alternative Care, Rooted in Roxbury, and Weedmaps.

“It’s called Xperience Boston because we wanted it to be focused on businesses and artists and curators and creators and people who are in our own community,” Fallon says. “So the idea was that yes, we’ll book national talent and bring artists in that people really want to see, but we do it in a way that still celebrates Boston and artists from all over Massachusetts.”

Dutch ReBelle, who is slated as one of the festival’s first performers, is a Boston-based emcee known for the skillful flow she has mastered over the years. Her involvement in Xperience Boston is purposeful: She wants to support marginalized folks who are rightfully claiming their seats at the table.


Dutch ReBelleD. Irvin

“We need to remember that the outside forces are gonna benefit off of cannabis more than those who actually should be. People have gotten [criminal] records for weed, and now it’s like these companies are making billion-dollar industries off of our economy. So I feel like there are a lot of people in the city who believe that it’s important for exposure to go to the right places,” she says.

The rapper is optimistic about progress in this area. “As long as everyone keeps showing up, being there when it’s time to talk about certain things and making sure that we have a say in what goes on, I think that it will definitely benefit the bigger picture — especially when it comes to issues of open consumption,” Rebelle says. “And honestly, we know that bud brings everybody together.”

Fallon echoes this sentiment. “When it comes to the cannabis community, there’s enough to go around for all of us to be successful. And for the attendees and those who come to our events, we want them to leave feeling like they were part of something important and that their experience was a positive one.”

She adds that Boston Cannabis Week has no intention of slowing down. “The idea is that every year, we want BCW to just keep getting bigger and bigger. We’re serious about constantly moving the needle forward when it comes to the type of artists we work with and what we bring to the table.”


For more details on Boston Cannabis Week and Xperience Boston, go to www.bostoncannabisweek.com.