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State Representative Dylan Fernandes says he’s received death threats over advocacy for Martha’s Vineyard immigrants

State Representative Dylan Fernandes spoke last week with members of the media regarding the group of migrants who recently arrived on Martha’s Vineyard.MATT COSBY/NYT

State Representative Dylan Fernandes, a Falmouth Democrat who represents Martha’s Vineyard, said Tuesday that he has received death threats related to his advocacy on behalf of nearly 50 Venezuelan immigrants flown to the island last week by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Fernandes said in an interview on GBH-TV that he has alerted State Police, who are “looking into” the threats.

“You should see my inbox right now, and how ugly it is,” Fernandes told “Greater Boston” host Jim Braude. The legislator said he hasn’t personally heard the threats left by voicemail.

“My poor staff has had to listen to voicemails, but we’ve had to alert the State Police of death threats. I’m getting stuff all the time,” he said. “It speaks to the nature of where we’re at in this country, where treating human beings with dignity is a controversial thing.”


Fernandes did not immediately respond to an interview request from the Globe late Tuesday afternoon.

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