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A Florida DeSantis supporter is read loud and clear in Mass.

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, at a rally in Hialeah, Fla., on Aug. 23.Eva Marie Uzcategui/Bloomberg

Inhumane culture of GOP unravels our moral fabric

In her Sept. 17 letter, “A vote of support for Governor DeSantis,” JoAnn Lee Frank asks, “Why should Florida foot the bill for migrants who broke the law?” Her inappropriate question highlights the propaganda Floridians are being fed by Ron DeSantis and the GOP.

The migrants who DeSantis went out of his way to find in another state and, using Florida taxpayer money, then transport to a Massachusetts island are not guilty of breaking any laws or doing anything illegal. They are survivors who presented themselves at the secured — not open — border, which is a legal thing to do, and completed procedures to request asylum — a perfectly appropriate and legal process.


What is also stunning is how many Venezuelan and Cuban migrants who reside, work, and vote in Florida support DeSantis, showing little compassion for their own countrymen and women.

One can sense in Frank’s letter the inhumane culture of the Republican Party in Florida unraveling the moral fabric of the state’s residents.

Cynthia Jaquith


Shouldn’t have to point this out, but movement of migrants is not a cattle drive

If JoAnn Lee Frank deserves anything, it is recognition of her willingness to show her true colors. Her use of the phrase “head ’em up and move ’em out” suggests she views migrants as no different than cattle. I thought it was obvious that human beings were involved in the cowboy move of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Apparently not to some folks. Sad.

Dave Hamilton


With these stunts, DeSantis and Abbott show themselves to be unfit leaders

Sending defenseless migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and other places may play well with the most extreme elements of the far right, but that still doesn’t make it right. These migrants, many of them women and children, are often fleeing horrific conditions in their home countries. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and Governor Greg Abbott of Texas have proved how easy it is to take advantage of people with no political power and few resources. These elected officials’ ill-advised actions also prove them unfit to lead on a national level.


Rich Thompson-Tucker

Dorset, Vt.