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Get ready for a blustery start to the weekend (and to autumn)

Rain in Boston from the north on Thursday.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

A cold front swept through the region Thursday, changing the air mass and bringing a healthy dose of rain. At my house, I received just under an inch of precipitation, but other areas received a little more. To the west and south of Boston many towns were on highest end of the rainfall totals.

A sampling of some rainfall totals from Thursday.NOAA

With the rain now over it’s the wind we’ll be talking about for the next couple of days. Friday afternoon some of the gusts could be as high as 30 m.p.h. and that is strong enough to create a few isolated power outages in spots, certainly nothing very widespread.


Today is the first full day of astronomical autumn. Temperatures this time of the year are generally within a couple of degrees of 70 in the afternoon, so the coolness you’re feeling is definitely below average. This air mass has come in from Canada with low dew points as well.

Overnight, I expect temperatures to fall back down into the 40s and some of the valleys could fall into the 30s, but there won’t be any frost. There are actually frost advisories for parts of Vermont and New York, a sign of things to come.

Saturday starts chilly but ends up much milder with seasonable temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. The breeze will still be noticeable but not as strong as Friday.

It will be warmer Saturday with sunshine.NOAA

Sunday is my pick of the weekend with plenty of sunshine and readings up near 70 degrees in the afternoon. There also will not be much wind.

Highs will be near 70 Sunday with less wind and sunshine.NOAA

While our weather this weekend will be quite nice, a tropical storm is likely to move from near Jamaica to Cuba and eventually perhaps impacting the United States sometime next week.

This storm will be named Hermine, and this far out there’s tremendous uncertainty as to where the storm would go if it indeed does impact the southeast. It could come up the coast and bring us rain and wind or it could easily turn to the right and head out to sea. It is something I’ll be watching in the coming days.


A new tropical storm is likely to form later Friday or Saturday.NOAA