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When olive oil meets lavender, things get interesting

Lavender infused olive oil.Handout

A L’Olivier, a French company based in Paris’s Marais district, has been producing vinegars and aromatic olive oils since 1822. Today, there are dozens of varieties to choose from. Among their innovative products is a Spanish extra virgin olive oil infused with Provence lavender. With a deep taste of the herb and a slightly bitter finish, it is exceptionally fragrant (not cloying like a soap or sachet), and pairs well with lamb and chicken dishes. You can use it to cook eggs instead of butter. Drizzled over goat cheese, vanilla ice cream, or fresh fruit, it will add an interesting flavor. If you embrace the lavender olive oil’s serene, strong fragrance, you might use it to dip or sprinkle on toasted bread or whenever you need a swirl of olive oil ($10 for 5 ounces). Available through the company’s importer DeMedici, demedici.com, or amazon.com.



Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.