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Within days, 2 babies in a hurry

Girls made their debuts quickly and safely at home thanks to first responders.

Members of the Georgetown Fire Department, as well as officers and a dispatcher from the Georgetown Police Department, held a reunion at the fire station with Alyssa Costa and Derek Maribito and their newborn baby Olivia after first responders aided in her birth on Sept. 4.Georgetown Fire Department

It is rare for local firefighters and EMTs to deliver babies, yet in a span of four days, two emergency services in small neighboring communities north of Boston did just that.

“As far as we can figure out, the last time our crews delivered a baby was about 30 years ago,” said Brian Coolidge, Georgetown fire public information officer. “The fact that nearby Boxford delivered a baby in the same week is crazy.”

Georgetown fire responded to a call for a woman in labor on Sunday, Sept. 4 at 5:57 a.m.

“Normally, when we get those calls, there is plenty of time to transport the patient to the hospital before the birth,” Coolidge said. “Not this time. Baby Olivia was born minutes after our crew arrived. Mom Alyssa Costa did all the work as nature took its course. It was all very normal and the only complication was the need to remove the umbilical cord from around the baby’s neck. Mom and baby were then transported to Beverly Hospital.”

Baby Olivia weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces.


Baby Olivia was born on Sunday, Sept. 4, during an emergency home birth aided by members of the Georgetown Fire Department.

On Thursday, Sept. 8 at 12:41 a.m., a Boxford dispatcher received a 911 call for a women in labor at home on Herrick Road. When they arrived, the crew quickly determined there was not enough time to take Amanda LaMantia to the hospital. Boxford firefighters and police officers soon delivered an 8 pound, 9 ounce baby girl named Kaelyn.

Dad Kenneth LaMantia was present for the birth.

“It was an all-natural birth with no complications,” reported Boxford Fire Chief Brian Geiger, who was on scene. “This was a second baby and they can come fast. Mom and baby were transported to Salem Hospital.”

Kaelyn LaMantia was born at home in Boxford on Sept. 8.Amanda LaMantia

Geiger was unsure of the last time Boxford did a “full-field delivery. About three years ago we responded to a call on Route 95 where the baby was actually arriving just as our crew was on scene, but it has probably been 20 years since we did a full delivery at home. We train for this and I am extremely proud of our team.”


Both families appreciated the help and skills of their local emergency departments.

On Sept. 25, baby Olivia, along with her parents Alyssa Costa and Derek Maribito, visited the Georgetown Fire Department to personally say thank you.

The LaMantias are doing well, but will wait a little while before visiting with the Boxford EMS team. “We hope to visit the Boxford Fire Station and the team that helped with the delivery once Kaelyn gets a little bigger,” Amanda LaMantia said.

Linda Greenstein can be reached at greensteinlm@gmail.com.