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Scammer impersonating police employees, using fake Caller IDs, authorities say

A scammer created a fake jury duty summons to scam a woman in Suffolk County, authorities say.Suffolk County sheriff's department

Authorities in Suffolk County are warning residents of an “elaborate scam” carried out by someone who impersonates police employees on phone calls to solicit money, officials said.

One woman reported receiving a call from someone who falsely identified themselves as “Chief Deputy Alphonso Johnson from Civil Process” and told her she was in contempt of court for failing to appear for jury duty, the Suffolk County sheriff’s department said in a statement. As a result, she would have to pay $625 in prepaid credit cards to settle the matter, the scammer said.

Some scammers use software that mimics the phone numbers of businesses and organizations to make the calls appear legitimate, the department said.


Along with the fake caller identification number, the scammer used a fake jury duty summons document with the woman’s name and address printed on it, the department said. It was also marked with the date the woman purportedly missed jury duty.

“The department wants to emphatically reiterate that it does not call to collect money,” officials said. People who receive similar calls should not give out personal information, take out money, or meet potential scammers, the department said. Instead, they should call the police department immediately.