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New England will have unsettled weekend weather thanks to Ian

A pedestrian walked through the rain in Boston earlier this month.Carlin Stiehl for The Boston Globe

It’s our first weekend in October and the weather is going to feel a bit different around here. The big weather story continues to be the damage we’re all seeing from Hurricane Ian, which has arrived in South Carolina.

The radar loop below does not show the storm looking like a typical hurricane. This is because it has become hybridized between a tropical system and a non-tropical one. This is very typical as storms move into northern latitudes.

As this system continues to move inland the wind will dissipate but the rain will continue.

Hurricane Ian made a second landfall in South Carolina Friday.COD Weather

High pressure to the north of the storm over our area will prevent the rain from Ian from making it too far into New England. There’s going to be a very sharp cut off between the haves and the have-nots of rainfall. Along the South Coast I’m expecting one to two inches of rainfall and that line of heavy rain will try to move north during Saturday morning.

High pressure to the north will prevent the rain from making it into Northern New England. The map below shows the sharp cut off between no rain and accumulating rain.


Rainfall will be heaviest south of Boston Saturday afternoon.WeatherBELL

It appears to heaviest will fall from a line roughly Plymouth to Hartford. It’s not impossible that the heavy rain makes it into Boston and it’s also possible that it stays just to the south of the Mass Pike.

If you’re looking for outdoor activities across Northern New England it will be cool, and there may even be some dim sunshine the farther north you go. But here in Southern New England it’s definitely going to be cloudy and likely wet much of the afternoon.

Rainfall will move to southern New England Saturday and then be shunted south for Sunday.TropicalTidbits

In addition to the wet weather, it’s going to be very cool. Temperatures will be only in the 50s both Saturday and Sunday and some areas in the Worcester Hills may actually stay in the 40s.


Highs for SaturdayNOAA
Highs for SundayNOAA

Expect a windy day at the coastline Sunday as the gradient between high and low pressure remains tight. Although the weekend will be far from perfect, it is still a great time to support your local farm. The crowds will be intense next weekend for the holiday so take advantage this weekend.

Sunshine should return for Monday with temperatures still between 55 and 60 in the afternoon. I’m expecting a warming trend by the middle of next week and some areas could see a 70-degree day by Thursday.